In The Course of Work evolved from RssITZONE formerly at URL http://rssitzone.etegration.com and then http://itcow.etegration.com I have decided to migrate the whole sites content over here as I wish to stop using Rss which is Riverside Secondary School Singapore where I work at when RssITZONE was setup. It was previously thought RssITZONE will be maintain by me and a group of volunteering students but as time goes by, most articles were written by me and contribution from fellow Internet friends.Now ITCoW has been moved into it’s own domain as the old hosting guys were lacking in some ways and it went down. I thought I might as well move it into it’s domain. Geeklog was nice enough and easy enough to be migrated but custom hacks like The Gallery and File Management need some tweaking.

IT CoW will be a place for you to look for articles I have written ranging from Networking, Safe Internetting, “Ghosting” and others. Most are IT or Internet related as that’s where my interest are.

Everyday, everyone one of us goes to work and so do I and in the course of my work, I hope to find something fun to do than rather keep working till I die. This site will list down the stuffs I encountered or come across, interesting news, my opinion on stuffs etc. Think of it as my very own blog.

This site runs on WordPress Geeklog which is a CMS. More on it and how you can run one on your own site can be found @ http://geeklog.net

I can be found lurking around this, that, here, here 2 and sometimes this forums. My nick is etegration.

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