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Preventing Porno/ Spyware on your computer and related issues

1. Blocking Undesirable Websites
2. FANS Plans
3. Auto Pop up Windows of Advertisements
4. Preventing all these

Blocking Undesirable Websites @ Home

Pornography is a world concern and there is NO absolute way of blocking all the sites as new porno and other related sites “pop” up by the thousands if not, millions each day! The most a concern parent can do is guiding and keep watch on the child’s activity online but here’s some software I would recommend. you can try out.

1. Cybersitter (
Cybersitter has got to the best. It allows parents to block Web, AOL Instant Messenger, newsgroups, FTP, and IRC. It has a feature that allows reports to be generated and e-mail to them. A review of it can be found here

2. Netnanny (
The all time favourite but has really gone from bad to worse! Anyway, you can read up the review here

3. Cyberpatrol (
Review here

The above are child safety software that blocks stuffs you specify to the software. Of course there are times when things you block and yet the child gets through! Yep, that happens so, you can try Boss Anyware. This is a totally great piece of software, I have tried it personally. Boss Anywhere keep tracks of everything a person do the minute he or she logs into a computer. The website is here ( It keeps track of whatever is typed on a computer, websites visited, programs that were started and even passwords. So when you have all the information collected, you can then add those undesirable websites to the filtering software. Don’t worry, no normal user will even know that this software is even running in the background keeping tabs of the user’s activity. It also has a “stealth” mode where the programs hides itself but no matter what, accessing any part of the Boss Anyware program requires a password that is pre-defined by you.

Read more on it @ their website.

FAN Plans

Another alternative is subscribing to a FAN or Family Access Network plan from the major ISP (Internet Service Providers), in Singapore, the following are available.

1. Singnet
Family Online (

2. Pacific Internet
Cyber Guard Family Access (

3. Starhub
Infinity Family Access (

Funny Pop-ups advertisements on Porno.

You turn on your PC, doing your work while surfing the Internet and suddenly, a windows pop up showing you that you can sign up free now for a “limited peroid” on some porno websites! No, you did not request for such a page and did not click on anything, it just pops up.

What happened?

There are 2 main ways you could have got it.

1. Visiting some website and had some codes pushed to you.

This is a common technique employed by many porno or advertising sites’ programmers or webmaster that “pushes” a small amount of code to your computer via the Internet with you having to consent to it….and all the talk about privacy…The code just sits in your computer quietly until you visit some affiliated website of theirs, it detected you are searching for something related on the Internet via some search engine such as Altavista or Yahoo and it “smartly” pops up showing you an advertisement that you may not be the least interested in!

Such sites can also push codes to you that will automatically add themselves and/ or their affiliated websites link to your browsers’ (Internet Explorer/ others) favorite menu. It can also add itself to your Start Menu without you knowing till your child or spouse turn on the PC the next time and sees it. That’s some hard explanation to do.

2. Installing some softwares.

Some softwares comes “bundled” (hey we didn’t ask for them!) with such little pieces of another software that acts like a “mini engine” or sometimes known as “Spyware” to serve you these advertisements. Kazaa is one such software and it is highly popular amongst youngster and some adults. Covering the capabilities or incapabilities is beyond the scope of this article, you can go to their site if you need more information.When such software are installed so is/ are the “mini engines” thus the pops up on advertisements, funny files in your computer hard drive or a funny link on your Start menu.

Advertisments like the above pops up on it’s own with spywares

I don’t want them!

Getting them was easy and fortunately, getting rid of them isn’t much of a hassle since they are actually just another piece of software. You use another software to “kill” them! Yes, fight software with software. The good people at Lavasoft has wrote this software call Ad-Aware. It gets the job done. You install the software, run it and have it scan your computer hard drive and it’ll clean your computer of all such “useless” softwares that keep serving you advertisements that is just making us crazy!

You can get Ad-Aware here. it is totally free to own and use.

Lavasoft’s free Ad-Aware keeps your PC from Spywares.

Preventing future occurrences.

You can prevent future happenings of such by:

1. Use a child safe search engine such as Yahooligans
2. Use filtering software describe above.
3. Scan your hard drive with a anti-virus software as virus can also be place onto your computer via the Internet through websites.


Educating the parent and the child is also important to let the child understand what is good and bad on the Internet. The parent should also be diligent in keeping up with the technology that is expose to the child. Talk to the child or surf or use the Internet together and find out their favorite websites. PAGi has a lot of useful links on child safe sites.

Note: This article was put together from answers I gave concern parents at PAGi’s forums. There were similiar questions on the site’s forum page so I thought having this page would be useful to many others. PAGi also has a few great videos featuring Speedi that will teach you as a parent or user on Addiction to the Internet, Online Gaming and other really useful tips. Visit them @

– Contributed by etegration
08 June 2001


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