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How to Hold Cathode Tube Converters
We will guide you on how to hold cathode tube converters. The material used are is a PVC that is meant for holding cables, a hacksaw, blue tag, set square, pencil and a hand drill.

1) Final Product. 2) Side View of product.

The steps are pretty straight forward. first measure the require length to hold the converter. Make it out with a pencil using a set square to go round the PVC. Use a hacksaw to saw the piece of PVC you wanted. Next fit in the converter. Base on the converter position inside the PCV, mark out holes that are require for cables to be going through.

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How to hold a cathode inverter Part 2

How To Hold Cathode Tube and it’s Converters – Version II
We will guide you on how to hold cathode tubes and it’s converters. Material used, unwanted file holders, needle and thread, pen knife and a plastic sheet.

1) File Holder. 2) Slot the Cathode tube in.
3) Material for holding Cathode converters. 4) Needle and thread.
5) Sew the converters in place. 6) Make sure it’s secured.
7) Top View. 8) Cover the converters.
7) This is how it looks like. 8) Mount to your casing.


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