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How To Make A PCI Cooler
As you know there are always spare PCI brackets when you install all the component to your computer. With these spare brackets, what can you do with them. Well here is a way you can utilies them. This is a brilliant idea from Froz3n

Cordless Drill, a 92mm fan and 92mm Fan Grill, 2 Bolts n Nuts, a expansion card slot metal plate, marker, long nose plier and 2 cable ties. This is your spare PCI brackets.

Next, bend it into this shape. Put the fan grill on the metal plate so as to enable u to mark out the screw holes.

Next, use a marker to mark out the screw holes by shading the area the fan grill’s screw hole has exposed. Then use a cable tie to fasten the fan grill to your fan

This is an illustration. Please place chunk wood underneath the PCI bracket before you drill the marked holes on the bracket. This is what you should get.

Fasten the bolt and nut thru the fan onto the metal plate with a long nose plier Done! *pant pant* You’re sweating all over! 😉

Contributed By Froz3n & Edited By KleoZy


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