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How to Make a Secret Compartment
We will guide you on how to make a secret compartment. Material used are, a spoiled CDrom drive, screws (for fixing CD-ROM drive into your system), scotch-tape, super glue or epoxy, jigsaw, C-clamps, half-round file and a pair of pliers. Below are pictures of how it’s done with brief description.
Procedure (may vary slightly depending on CD-ROM drive model)

  • Ensure all power/IDE/audio cables are removed from the drive
  • Remove the screws & open the drive
  • Unscrew & remove all internal parts
  • Remove the tray faceplate using the screwdriver & the CD-ROM faceplate
  • Carefully remove the LED, volume knob & earphone jack from the circuitboard
  • Stick back the LED, volume knob & earphone jack onto the faceplate from behind using superglue/epoxy
  • Secure the tray faceplate onto the CD-ROM faceplate using scotch-tape at the front
  • Apply superglue/epoxy generously into the fine gaps between the faceplates
  • Allow the superglue/epoxy to dry for a few hours or overnight
  • Mark out the left corner of the drive to cut off
  • Secure the drive onto the workbench, cut the corner off and debur with file if required
  • Re-assemble the drive and faceplate together to ensure proper fit
  • Fix mounting brackets if necessary and install the drive into an empty expansion bay

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