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How To Make A Simple FanBus
This is one of the simplest FanBus you can make and this is how.

Please understand this diagram before proceeding and apply carefully to this mod as to prevent short circuit.

You will need a long nose pliers, red and black wires, a pair of scissors, a 4pin molex, a test pen, a marker and a multi-connector.

Do markings on the mulit-connector and please follow the diagram above.

Bare the red and black wires with a pair of scissors. Place the red and black wires as marked and fasten them with a test pen.

Crimp the red and black wires and place them into the 4pin molex. at the other end, connect the molex to the multi-connector as show above.

Now for the final test, connect all your fans to the multi-connector. Here I have added a neon tube just to illustrate that you can connect any device that needs 12volt DC. There you have it, all fans are running including the neon tube.

A simple device yet so effective. This does not cost more than 2 dollars. The multi-connector is at SGD$0.80, a 4pin molex is at SGD$0.40 and a meter of black and white cable is only at SGD$0.60
Contributed & Edited By KleoZy


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