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How to Round Power Supply Cables
We will guide you on how to Round Power Supply cables. Material used, pincer, unwanted audio cables, shrinking rubber, cutter, pen knife, lighter or hairdryer. If you are not familiar with the color placement of the molex. I advise you to mark the colors on the molex holder before you remove the pins.

1) Material Used 2) Wrapping Tube
3) Use pincer to detach molex pin 4) Pull the molex pin out
5) Remove the rest of the molex pin 6) Poke as shown to remove floppy molex pin
7) Pull the floppy molex pin 8) Place unwanted audio cable to the PSU cables
9) Place shrinking tube to hold the unwanted audio cable 10) Poke the pin out of the molex pin with pincer
11) This is how it should be done 12) Place the molex pin back to the molex holder
13) User lighter or hairdryer to strengthen the tube 14) The finished product
13) After Mouting 14) Another view after mounting

Contributed & Edited By KleoZy


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