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How to Strenghten LCD connection
We will guide you on how to strenghten LCD connection. Material used, color ribbons, LPT connector and holder, 4 pin Molex, shrinking rubber, 15 x sharp molex pin.

This is essential for you to understand how it’s been solder. Please refer to the diagram below. This only imply to LCD model HD44780. There are pin indication on both LCD and LPT connector. before I proceed, please purchase the correct LPT connector.

The front and back. when you are looking from the back.. make sure that the top row is from pin 1 to 13 and the bottom row is from pin 14 to 25. Now follow the diagram below to solder your LCD to the LPT connector.

1) Material used. 2) These are sharp pin molex.
3) Strip the cable and bear it. 4) Twist and fold down.
5) Crimp it with the sharp pin molex. 6) Shaft the shrinking rubber.
7) Use lighter to tighten the shrinking rubber. 8) Plug the pins through the LCD connectors.
9) This is what it should look like. 10) Finish up the rest of the pin.
11) Cramp it firm for soldering 12) After soldering, side view.
13) Front view. 14) Short the pins. Please refer instructions above.
15) Solder the shorted cable and place shrinking rubber. 16) Solder the other end on the LPT connector.
17) Finished Product 18) Turn on power and you should get this
19) This was displayed after loading program.

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