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LCD Using Ultra SI
We will guide you on what program to use on LCD using Ultra SI. Material used, Ultra SI, LCD, 15pin cable, Solder, Soldering Bit and a Serial Cable. By the way, for those who are curious where to get this device, you can contact SGstealth

1) A Ultra SI unit, 15pin cable and a serial cable. 2) This is the 15pin cable
3) Solder this end to the LCD. Green cable is pin2 4) Connect the other end to Ultra SI unit
5) Connect the Serial Cable as shown. 4pin is for PSU

The wiring of the Ultra SI is conected 1-1 and pin 1 is connected to the LCD pin 1.

The connection are as follows:

pin 1 ———-ground
pin 2 ———-+5V
pin 3 ———-contrast
pin 4 ———-register select
pin 5 ———-read/write
pin 6 ———-enable
pin 11———data bus line 4
pin 12———data bus line 5
pin 13———data bus line 6
pin 14———data bus line 7

The above hardware setup is done and we are ready into software setup.

Download the necessary files like lcdriver. cpl and lcdlist. bin from . Copy or extract the files into your windows system directory. For win98 this is c:\windows\system on win 9x kernels and c:\WINNT\system32 on NT4\win2k. After completing the steps go into control panel there and can see lcddriver icon appear there. Double click on the lcdriver icon and for display type select Wirz/seetron HD44780 serial backpack 16×4 or 20×4 for the correct size required. Choose the correct serial port like com1 or etc. Select 9600 baud and press test. You should able to see a display Backpker V1.1beta 16×4 or 20×4. Click OK and this indicate your lcd is working and ready for lcd configuration. Close the control panel and continue to install the LCD CENTRE 2.0 and PortNT 95 at . Now you are ready to operate with your favourite program. As for winamp plugins you need to extract the winamp lcd files into the winamp directory under plugins. The above program shall work at a time and unable to work both at the same time.

Contributed By Heng32 & Edited By KleoZy


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