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How to Make A 7volts to 12volts Rheobus
We will show you how to make a 7volts to 12volts Rheobus. Before proceeding, please take extra caution as you are dealing with electronic circuits. Read all the necessary before you proceed shouldering. In addtion. When you finish your RheoBus, it is advisable to use a spare power supply and a multi meter to test the device before you apply it on your computer.


  • 5 x 2pin molex (For Fan Connection)

  • 1 x 4pin molex (For Power Connection)

  • 4 x 2pin molex (For LED)

  • 4 x 750 Ohm Resistors 1/4 watts (For LED)

  • 4 x 220 Ohm Resistors 1/4 watts

  • 4 x 1K Resistors 1/4 watts

  • 4 x LM317/T Chip

  • 4 x 1K Variable Resistors

  • 1 x Matrix Kit

  • 4 x Heatsink

  • 4 x 3Volt LED (Your Perference)

  • 4 x Mica Sheet (Your Perference)

This is a LM317/T Chip

The diagram on your left is the most critical note. Please follow the line of indications with the color code. If you don’t follow what is stated on the left and apply on the circuit diagram below, chances of blowing your Computer is high. Please make sure you are using the correct chip too.

Yellow line is the ADJ indicator which is orange circle.
Cyan line is the V Out indicator which is green circle.
Pink line is the V In indicator which is blue circle.

This is a must. please be sure to place heatsink to each LM317/T chip as this chip runs hot when there are resistance. You are advise to place some mica sheets and insulator between the chip and the heatsink. This is a must to prevent overheat and short circuit.

Please take note of the above legend as it is important.

Solder the 220 ohm resistor between the V Out(Green Circle)of the LM317/T to the 1K variable resistor and solder a wire from the ADJ(Orange Circle) to the 220ohm resistor as shown above.

Solder the 1K resistor as shown above.

Solder a yellow wire from the 2 pin molex shown above to the V In(Blue Circle) of the LM317/T chip. Please note that this is where your 12Volt current of the Power Supply comes from.

Next solder a black wire from the 2 pin molex shown above. This wire should connect to the 1K resistor and to the 2 pin molex(Fan Connectors) on the rear.

From the LM317/T chip, solder a yellow wire from the V Out(Green Circle)to the 2 pin molex(Fan Connectors) shown above.

Now the finishing touch. Add the LEDs as shown above. Please remember to connect 750 ohm resistors to each postive pole of the LEDs. If you don’t, the LEDs will blow.

Side Note – 0volts to 12volts RheoBus

The Diagram above is base on the original specification. This is stepping from 0volt to 12volts. The difference between SGstealth’s idea and this is actually the Resistors and Variable resistors used. As from the diagram above, the Variable Resistor is 5K instead of 1K and the Resistor that is solder between the V out(Green Circle) to the 5K Variable Resistor is using a 240 ohm resistor. The 1K resistor that is solder between the Variable Resistor to the 2 pin molex(Fan Connector) is not applied here.

Contributed by SGstealth, Edited By KleoZy


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