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How to make a FanBayBus
We will show you how to make a simple FanBayBus. Material used, 4 x dual switch, 12 x 2pin molex(8 for LED and 4 for fan connectors), 1 x 3pin molex for power in, unwanted wires, a solder, solder bit, 750 Ohms resistors, 8 x LED, shrinking rubber, epoxy and a matrix kit. The first section will be on how it looks like. The second section will be a guide on how to solder those wires.

1) A matrix kit. 2) Glue the dual switches on the kit using epoxy.
3) from the top front. 4) from the top.
5) On Low Power 7 volts. 6) On High Power 12 volts


Please understand the legend above before processing.

Start soldering the +12 volts wire as shown above.

Follow by the -5 volts as shown above.

Next is the +5 volts.

Solder as above to the 1st pin of the 2 pin molex.

Now Solder the second wire to the 2 pin molex.

Solder the LED with resistors as shown above. Please remember, the Resistor should
be solder to the positive pole of the LED. If you solder wrongly, chances of
blowing your LED is high.

Follow as shown above and you are completed.

The above pictures are taken while I was moding on Lian Li PC60’s face plate.

Contributed & Edited By KleoZy


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