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How to Make LED Holders
We will guide you on how to make a LED holder. Material used are, a CDrom audio cable (4 pin type), shrinking rubber, pen knife, scissors and a lighter or hairdryer.

1) A CDrom 4 pin type Audio cable. 2) Cut into half
3) Untwisted the cable 4) Hold the pin with a pliers and cut half using a pen knife
5) A closer view of the cutting 6) All cuttings are done
7) Use shrinking rubber on the holders. 8) There you have it. Total of 4 LED holders.
How to Make LED Holder – Version II
We will guide you on how to make LED holder on face plate. Material used, unwanted cylinder rubber, pen knife and super glue.

1) Unwanted cylinder rubber 2) Slice to smaller pieces with a pen knife
3) Glue into position using super glue. 4) Example how it holds the LED
5) Example of once it’s done. 6) Rear view when it’s done.


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Contributed & Edited By KleoZ


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