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How To Make Your Own Ram Sinks
This section was contributed by Froz3n. This method might be tedious but the cost of it is worth it as you don’t have to spend so much to cool those rams on your graphic card.

A Junior Hacksaw, a Clamp, a set of files, and a heatsink. This heatsink can be purchased at $0.60 each at Kaichin (SLT Third Level)

Firstly, we will have to saw off the “legs” or the part that is sticking out Then, we will cut off the the rows which has the “legs” underneath
Do the same to the other side and this is what you will get. Then, saw it into half
After sawing it into half, this is what you should get. Because there’s spacing in between the fins, you will have to save off the remaining part.

Next, saw it into half again. Saw off the remaining parts of this too. Alternatively, you can file it away but it might take a longer time.

Then, use a file to smoothen all the four corners. This is your end product! 🙂 Give yourself a pat or a treat!

Contributed By Froz3n & Edited By KleoZy


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