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02 Jan 2003

I was fed up and trust me, I was frustrating and angry! Eclispe SG who promised to bring in my dream Chieftec casing did not bring them in. At first, they said end of Nov, then Christmas well, new year eve and new year day and 2003 is here! They don’t response to my e-mails, private message or thread via Hardwarezone’s forum website. I even posted in Superpet’s forum to see if I can get help there but I guess it’s beyond them to help me.

Ordering online

After much surfing, I found out from Chieftec’s site that they do have this casing for sale online and is able to ship it to Singapore. The casing cost US$62.00 but the shipping will cost US$230.00!!!

Date: 1/4/2003 13:26:53 -0600
From: <>
Reply-to: <>
To: “Wee” <>
Subject: Re: Shipping Charges to Singapore
All headers
Dear customer:The shipping charge will be $230.Thanks,******

713-773-9898 (voice)
832-201-7672 (fax)

—– Original Message —–
From: “Wee” <>
To: <>
Sent: Saturday, January 04, 2003 3:24 AM
Subject: Shipping Charges to Singapore

> Dear
> I am really interested in getting the following:
> 1. Golden Red/Brown Chieftec Dragon DX-01BND Mid-tower ATX Case w/ Side
> Fan (with Acrylic Window is optional)
> 2. Penguin Case Badge, 1×1″, colored penguin on a beige background
> 3. Sticker, AMD Athlon XP Processors Labels
> Could you kindly please tell me how much would
> it be to ship all above to Singapore via UPS or Fedex aince these are
> the only 2 carrier you use? Awaiting your favourable reply. I do
> understand from the forum that you do not accept credit card from
> International Orders and “However, we do NOT accept credit card payment
> from international addresses with the exception of Canadian ones.
> Payment including the order amount and shipping must be made in US
> dollars by cashier’s check, money order, or direct wiring before
> shipping. Customers are responsible for any customs duties or tariffs.”
> Regards,
> Wee

I went searching dissatisfied and found Xoxide who is selling it too and at a better price in terms of shipping charges! I waited no longer and ordered…All there is to do now is wait…one week for the order to be ready and shipped and another 2-3 weeks for the casing to arrive.

14 Jan 2003

A call came in the morning while I was in office, my casing is here but there’s just one problem. NO ONE IS AT HOME TO RECEIVE IT! arghhhh!!! Well, not so bad, it was transferred to the Post Office near my home and I picked it up after work. So here is it!

It’s lighter compared to the old HEC casing and not as sturdy in feeling but it’ll do me! kekeke

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