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Welcome to another article that I hope will help you one or another. This article will look at how to get your own (pronounced dot com).

Scenario: You have a homepage over at some free hosting site like Geocities Yahoo who offer a pathetic 6mb free*. Notice the * in free, it ain’t free! Every page you create and upload is just another place on the Internet for them to splash those advertisements banner. That’s how they keep their services like e-mail and hosting free. You get a free and ugly domain name, something like hard to remember and long to type. You think you’re smart in getting a URL redirection like yah, advertisements again choose form a pop up ad to a “hold on page”.

So you’ve decided to get a domain name to run your own CGI, ASP, PHP scripts, forums, database website!!! Hey, who don’t have a domain nowadays right! So it’s time you get a domain, a home you can call your very own on the Internet!

First Step! What’s in a name?

Deciding on a domain name is the hardest. Considering there’s like a few hundred new domain names created every single day, about a few of 10s by the minute?! And add to that, there’s what is a cyber-squatters who register domain names in bulk using names like and the people will have to pay money to get their name back. But well not for Madonna though, she sued and got it back, domain + money! (though she knows no shtml to set up her domain!)

So most probably, the name you want is taken. Names like generally people’s name like, all taken! So maybe something unique maybe… If you’re underage or have someone underage I suggest you not go there> PORN ahead. You were warned, even All taken too?!!! I can’t help you with this but you can check your domain availability see if it is taken.
If you really need to have that name like my ex-company did, as in, but it was taken so we went for Notice the ending, .sg? That means you will be registering with SGNIC (so search for your availability over at their site, the above won’t work). All endings with .com, .net and .org are taken care by NIC. But you won’t have to worry about the domain registration, at all! No matter .com, .net, .org or, or whatever, most hosting companies nowadays help you with that, all you have to do is host with them. See Step 2.

Price(s) involve in Step 1: Roughly USD per year depending who you register with.

Step 2 Host my files!

After you’ve found a domain to your liking, you need someone or company to host your files. is a reseller for and we can get you good prices but you’re always welcome to contact them directly. Their speed is good and is a good example. Check it out.

Prices(s) involve in Step 2: Ranges from around SGD.00 per month to SGD or more depending on the configuration you want in terms of Web space, ability of server to run PHP, ASP, database, OS of servers, Linux, Windows 2000, Unix, Platforms you need, Apache, Oracle etc. So you need to do a bit of homework before getting a hosting company.

Since you’re reading this, and till here, I guess you’re a beginner. i would recommend you look at the price tag first: Domain + Hosting = That should add up to roughly SGD0+- per year. That’s just like SGD a month to get your own! Your handphone bill already cost twice or thrice as much right?! If you think it fits you monthly spending then go ahead, join the domain name revolution!


So what do you do after you have The possibilities are endless actually, for me I run a freelance web development site, you can sell your stuffs, your own forum, chat, mailing list, a little website for your love ones, your club, your portfolio, resume, photo galleries, just don’t join the many sites doing illegal stuffs. All should be fine and you can look forward to a really webmaster life! Enjoy!

– Contributed by etegration
May 2001


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