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How to FTP

First off and for the benefit of those who may want to know. What is FTP? It stands for File Transfer Protocol and is among the family of protocols. Read more about it if you’re interested here. It is used widely used for transferring files to and from servers. The server can be running any Operating System such as Linux, Unix, Windows 2000, NT etc. You’re basically moving files from your PC to the server who will then response to http request and the result is displayed on a browser as a webpage.

Actually there’s more to this but this is just a FTP howto. We will not cover everything but here’s how to upload files onto a web server. Upload means well, the opposite of download… and files in this case will be .shtml, .gif, .jpg files etc.

Ok you’ve done a webpage in shtml with great graphics and your little writeups and all but only you can view it unless you move the files to the Internet. One great and FREE* web space provider is Yahoo. Good speed and not much distraction from their advertisements that is a must to display on your homepage. Don’t worry, they’ll do all the code themselves, I mean the files…

This howto *censored*umes the following:

a: You already have an account with Yahoo, no matter is it a Yahoo Singapore or Yahoo account. So long you have an account.
b. You have basic computer knowledge.
c. ehhh…you know how to read.

1. You will need a FTP client first off. Get this free and easy to use client call WS FTP LE from

2. Install it, then start it, don’t forget to connect to the Internet first!

3. You will need to configure WS FTP LE. You click on Connect >New, you’ll see the following dialougue:

Profile Name: Use anything, such as MyHomepage FTP
Host Name: for Yahoo’s case.
Host Type: Leave it to Automatic detect
User ID: This will be your Yahoo ID
P*censored*word: Your login p*censored*word, this is the same p*censored*word you use to check your Yahoo e-mail. (Isn’t Yahoo cool! A userID and p*censored*word for all it’s services such a webring, clubc, calendar, e-mail, homepages etc.)
Account: You can leave this blank.

Put on think on Save Pwd (P*censored*word) if you don’t want to be re-typing the p*censored*word later.

4. Click on Apply then OK.

You should see some text scroll p*censored* something like:

connecting to
Connected to port 21
220-Welcome to the Yahoo! GeoCities FTP server.
220-Need help? Get all details at:
220-No anonymous logins accepted.
220 Yahoo!
USER informaticans
331-Enter your Yahoo! GeoCities member p*censored*word
P*censored* (hidden)
530-Invalid member name or p*censored*word.
530-If you continue to have problems, check out:

There! You’re connected to your own FTP account! On the left Pane is your files and on the right is the files that is on the FTP server.

5. ok, clicking on the file you want to transfer to the server on the left. Then click on the arrow > in between the 2 panes. If you wanna move files form the server to your PC, click the file on the server then click <. Or simply use drag and drop. Simple as that. Once your files has been transfered you’ll hear a wav sound being play. Go to your URL, generally, should be If it work, you’re fine, if not, remember you have to name the first file that you want to be display “index.shtml”

– Contributed by etegration
May 2001


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