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When your e-mail account with is setup, you will received an e-mail with You can now go to to check your e-mail. This page may change from time to time but useage of it is the same.

Your login ID to both Horde and Squirrel Mail is the same which is your FULL e-mail address, for example and your password is the one that is advised to you.

1. Horde

Horde is a open course project available for download at Horde is recommended to check your mails via a Internet browser such as Internet Explorer as it provides a cleaner interface. Should you need help in things like how to attach files etc, click on the Help, the following will appear. All you need to know on how to use Horde can be found there.

Horde’s help

1. Squirrel Mail

Squirrel mail is another Open Source project that can be found @

It provides a no-nonsense online mail checking interface but the look isn’t well, that much to look at…


No matter should you use Horde or Squirrel Mail, you are reading from the same mailbox. Mails that is sent via Horde will only appear in Horde’s sent folder and mails sent in Squirrel mail on only appear in Squirrel mails’ sent folder. In other words, these 2 system read from the same Inbox but not the same Sent, Drafts or any special folders you have created.

POP3 Downloading

Your e-mail account with is a POP3 account, meaning you can download them into a mail client such as Microsoft Outlook, here’s how:

1. Start Outlook and go to E-mail Accounts…

2. Choose to Add a new e-mail account (the following screenshot show the “View or change existing e-mail accounts option”) then click Next.

3. Select POP3 and click Next.

4. Type in your name and e-mail address (which should be as seen below labeled 1. Then in Server information, type in for BOTH incoming and outgoing mail server as below labeled 2. Logon information (labeled 3)’s user name is your full e-mail address and then your password. Tick on remember password so you don’t have to key in everytime you check your mail via Outlook. Then click on More settings as labeled as 4.

4.1 Go to the Outgoing Server tab and select “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication and leave the option as “Use same settings as my incoming mail server” as seen below. Click OK.

Then ok when you come back to the last screen (see screen shot below). That’s it. You can now received and send mails from Outlook.

Once you have downloaded the mails into Outlook, it will not show up in Horde or Squirrel mail again as they have been downloaded to your local PC. If you loose that copy, you lost that copy of the mail for good.

– Contributed by etegration
05 March 2003


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