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JAVA, won’t talk much about what it is and if you still have not heard of it, well, go hear it at Here we will just discuss how to now have to type in the full path of the JDK path in order to compile or run a java code you have just wrote.

This simple tutorial will help you on how to set up the environment as I found many friends not knowing how to do it or they’re doing it the hard way.

Anyway you do it you’ll still need the following:

1. JDK

The Hard Way

The stupid lecturer(s) will tell you that you need to set the environment every time you want to compile and run .java files by:

1. Opening up a MS DOS PROMPT
2. CD to root (cd\)
3. Type in “set path=C:\jdk1.3\bin” and all that shit…

The Easy Way

1. Open up C:\autoexec.bat
2. Add in C:\jdk1.3.1_01\bin after the last item in the line that begins with SET PATH=”C:\WINDOWS\;C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND
3. Run autoexec.bat or restart your PC.
4. That’s it, the PC’s Java environment will be set everytime you turn on your PC.

– Contributed by etegration
September 2001


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