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Sharing a Broadband Connection Part 2 (USB ADSL Modem)

This is the 2nd installment to the Sharing of a Broadband connection writeup. I have seen many users getting into broadband by subscribing to Singnet Broadband but only found out later they were given a USB modem, so how can you still share connection? Can you share in the first place?!

Of course you can! is the answer you want to hear and is what you can do. Or else there wouldn’t be this article anyway.

Singnet Broadband 256Kbps and 512Kbps is a cheaper alternative to SCV Maxonline and they’re of different type of broadband technology, one is ADSL and the other Cable. Explanation of them can be found @ as it is beyond the scope of this article (and knowledge…hee, I only know how to use them!)

In this article, I will show you how to share the Internet on 2 Windows XP Professional machines, a laptop and desktop. They will share files too.

What I have

1 desktop PC (Win XP)
1 laptop PC (Win XP)
1 USB Aztech Turbo 100 ADSL modem with USB cable
A Singnet 256Kpbs Broadband account

What else I need

1x Network Interface card
Any brand will do but get a 100 baseT one. It cost around SGD

Note: The following NIC is the one that is installed and I was using it when I wrote this article, it’s gonna take some work in taking it out and then installing it back so I took a photo of it, installed in the PC.

A good NIC is like the following one from SMC.

1x cross CAT 5 cable
A CAT 5 cross cable. Remember PC/Laptop to PC/Laptop always uses Cross cables while PC to hub/router/cable modem always uses straight cables. Check with the shop you’re getting from in case you forget. Also do measure how long you really need.

The Cat 5 cable.

Note: The cross CAT 5 network cable looks the same as a telephone cable..but look again:

1x PCMCIA card for the laptop

The above is the Xircom combo 56k modem*censored*10/100 base PCMCIA NIC

It is presumed that you have already setup the Singnet Broadband account on your desktop, the Aztech ADSL modem is installed with the given drivers and now you need to share that connection with 1 other laptop. First of all, turn on the desktop PC and do the following configuration.

1. Go to Start > Connect to > Show all connections

2. The following screenshot appears. Next right-click on the DSL 100U Dial-Up account and Choose Properties. You should have this connection name by default after installing the Aztec USB ADSL modem or if you have created a connection manually, right click that connection you want to be shared.

3. Click on Advanced Tab (1) and Under Internet Connection Sharing, check “Allow other network users… (2), Establish a dial-up connection wherever… (3) and “Allow other network users to control… (4). Click OK when done. Restart the PC.

4. Now, go to the laptop or PC that is going to share the connection with the PC described above, connect the cross CAT 5 cable into the laptop (in our case) and wait for the PC to boot up again.

When booted up, start MS Dos prompt.

key in command ipconfig

if you see your IP address as, where xxx can be anything from 2 – 255, that mean it works. will be the address of the NIC in the desktop PC.

5. Now on the laptop go to Show all connection. You should see the connection show up here on the laptop too. If it doesn’t try pressing F5 to refresh the page.

6. You should also notice that it’s type is known as Internet Gateway, yes, the PC you have configured in Step 1 – 3 is now acting as the gateway for the laptop to go to the Internet. There is also another connection that is active and that is the Local Area Network, the cross cable you have connected to the desktop. In the above diagram, it is also shown that the connection is connected. On the System Tray, you should see 2 connection that is established.

The Gateway and Internet connection sent and received with the status.

The LAN connection to the Desktop PC where the Singnet Broadband connection resides.

If the icons are not there, enable it by right clicking on the connection from the Show all connection windows as seen from the following screenshot.

That’s it, you have shared your broadband connection.

Unable to surf to some sites

Sometimes this happens, you are not able to access some site on the laptop or some sites just take ages to load. All you have to do is download Dr TCP and change the TCP Receive Window to 1452. Originally it is blank, leave all other settings blank or as the default. Click Save then Exit and restart your laptop.

Remember that you may have to disable it again (change it to blank) if you are on another network like your office or connects to SVC Maxonline or some sites will not load…again.


Download Dr TCP

1. Sharing a broadband connection with a router
2. Practicallynetwork guide on Internet Sharing
3. Practicallynetworked guide on File and Printer sharing

– Contributed by etegration
10 July 2002


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