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Modding a TT Golden Orb onto a Abit Siluro Gf3Ti200

Well this is something that I?ve been throwing around in my head for quite some time now. After my 1 GHz Athlon Thunderbird died on me due to a crushed core and I upgraded to my present Athlon XP1700+, I had a spare Thermaltake Golden Orb lying around. So I ripped the 3 lug clasp off and there u have it, a stock HSF. Next thing I took out my GF3Ti200 and dismantled it to see what could be done.

ThermalTake Golden Orb

Dismantled Abit Siluro Gf3Ti200 (GPU is covered in AS3)

As u can see from above the Heat sink itself has a round motif and surprisingly enough the GOrb?s heat sink base actually FIT into that area. However I wasn?t happy. The fins on the base of the Siluro?s heat sink didn?t provide a flush contact between it and the GOrb?s base?those fins had to go?as well as some of the top fins of the heat sink to make way for some clearance.

1 hour in the workshop and this is the end result:

As u can see, I cut and filed away most of fins and just kept this heat sink as a base plate to facilitate the mounting of the GOrb on to the Gf3. U can see that small nick in the surface, I was too trigger happy with the sanding bit =).

Next up was to attach the base plate and then the GOrb it self. I got some 1/8? diameter screws and nuts from Kmart and proceeded and thread them through the holes which were once occupied by the black pegs. Luckily nothing was close to these holes on the other side so using the nuts was fine, furthermore, the holes weren?t isolated so non-metal washers were also used?cut from some spare rubber I had lying about.. The screws were a tad long as u can see below.

But there was enough clearance in there and everything was fine?the base plate was now on the GPU. Next up, attaching the GOrb to the base plate. I slapped some thermal goop on the base of the GOrb and then superglued it down to the base plate, without noticing that it wasn?t totally flush with the base plate?I?ll get back to this later. Here is how it looks in all its glory.

Its one big mutha ! I lost one PCI slot due to this mod but that?s fine with me, I still had 4 left to play with. Ok, put it in and cranked up 3DMark2001SE. Before that I o/ced the core and memory to 230/510 as well which is what my old stock cooling could do. I ran it and then when it got to the Dragonthic test?system locked up, crashed and shut down. I touched the card and it was too hot to touch so I put my Senfu Thermal Probe on it and at that time the temps on the card were 50 degrees?I wonder what they were when it was running Dragonthic. Took it out and look carefully. It seems that the GOrb and base plate weren?t flush to one another. So I brought it back to the workshop, hammered the base plate down nice and flat, got the two surfaces flush to one another then glued them down again. Seated it on the GPU and it was flush to that as well so everything was sweet. Screwed it in, started up the comp and ran 3DMark2001 again and got a score of about 7934 marks with core and memory clocks of 250/520mhz.

Now I?m thinking of actually taking the thing back to the workshop and probably cutting a circular template out of the base plate and sliding it over the GOrbs base tat way I can get a flush surface between the GOrb and the GPU?but tats another mod for another time?well at least till I get some more time.

Contributed by Sin22
15 August 2003


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