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Overclocking the 2500+ Barton
The new JIUHBs?
As some people know, I was in the works of acquiring a Vapochill CE, however that fell through. So to console myself, I went and bought a 2500+ Barton CPU. The new supposed overclocking wonder.

Checking out the CPUDatabase, it seemed that these little puppies were o/cing quite well and the top few steppings appeared to be 1)AQUCA, 2)AQXEA 3)AQXDA.

Further checking around on the OCAU forum, it appeared that the AQXEA and AQXDA were widely available in Australia. The AQXEA 0327 core was reputated to be able to do 2.3GHz on default VCore. Thats faster than a comparable 3200+(2.2GHz) CPU mind you.

And look what I found whilst out walking.

An AQXEA 0330 CPU. These have been said to do 2.5GHz on air.

However, some interesting things, the core design has been updated. The traces are showing quite obviously. Furthermore the default HSF has been improved. Still looks a lot like Taisol HSF. Its got a copper base with soldered aluminum fins. Should prove to be a marked improvement over the previous default HSFs.

Some pics for your viewing pleasure.

On to overclocking it. Firstly I wanted to see how far it could go on default voltage. Then I really pushed it along. All overclocks were stress tested with CPU Burn-in to make sure they were stable.

Pretty much it was like this:
? 166×11, 1826MHz, 1.65V, 27.1C (idle) PASSED
200×11.5, 2300MHz, 1.65V, 27.4C (idle) PASSED
200×12, 2400MHz, 1.7V, 28.2C (idle) PASSED
200×12.5, 2500MHz, 1.8V, 28.5C (idle) PASSED
200×13, 2600MHz, 1.95V, 29.7C (idle) PASSED
200×13.5, 2700MHz, 2.1V, 32.2 (idle) FAILED
206×13, 2678MHz, 2.1V, 32C (idle) FAILED
204×13, 2652MHz, 2.1V, 31.9C (idle) PASSED
? 200×13.5, 2700MHz, 2.2V, 32.2C(idle) PASSED

As u can see from the above graph, I’ve pretty much hit the limit of the CPU. But for something that cost $170, I’m pretty happy that its surpassed my old 1800+ Tbred B. However, overclock percentage wise. Well it speaks for itself.

1800+ (1.53GHz) -> 2.42GHz -> 58% o/c
2500+ (1.82GHz) -> 2.65GHz -> 45% o/c

Comparative prices as well…the 1800+ cost $100 when I bought it and the 2500+ cost $170, it cost more and overall overclocked not as much. But regardless, I’m happy.

Are these the new JIUHB CPUs ? I personally think so. The numbers just arnt there yet to statistically verify it. But I do believe so. Some things to look out for. AQXEA itself seems to be overclocking very well. Another thing I?ve picked up on is that the ?Y? stepping in front of the 2nd line of code tends to indicate a better overclocker. This was noticed by an OCAU former who owned 3 2500+ chips.

The extra speed and 512KB cache does help overall. And the improvements in the HSF are impressive. I?ve installed that HSF on my secondary system consisiting of my previous 1800+ JIUHB and XDream HSF. I abhore noise so that fan is set to low. Installing the default AMD HSF, it runs at 3000rpm and is near silent. Furthermore, it appeared to be 2?C cooler than the XDream.

Contributed by Sin22
15 August 2003


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