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Unlocking AXP (Palomino & Tbred) Guide

Well I felt that since I had a guide on how to overclock up top I thought it might be wise to do one on Unlocking the infamous AMD Athlon XP.

(Most of us have read the Tom’s Hardware Guide version of how to do the unlock, but I personally found it to be harder than it first made it out to be and u WILL make several mistakes before u get it down right…with this method, u ought to be able to get it down on the FIRST try…if not the second …btw the THG guide can be found here under Guides/How To/Unlocking the XP to 2000+)

All the mentioned steps in this guide will result in your chip being out of warranty as u are physcially altering settings on the CPU….so if u do NOT wish this to be the case, stop reading HERE! Also, sometimes, freak things happen and your CPU might die on you, so if u are not ready to take the risk…do not read further. Last but not least, I MYSELF & NartZ DO NOT take liability for your actions carried out from this guide…what has been stated here has been tried out by me and worked for me, so thus I am sharing it…ok now since the legal stuff is out of the way, on to the FUN!

AthlonXPs when they first came out resulted in many dead chips due to many failed unlocking attempts. The L1 bridges found once more in the top right hand corner of the chips had to be joined up to allow for a multiplier change. However, the engineers at AMD have since made the pencil trick obsolete…it cannot be used anymore, thus a new way has been devised…the use of silver lacquer. Silver lacquer can be picked up from any electronics store and I believe some shops in SLS & SLT carry this item. Items u WILL require are as follows:

? Silver lacquer
? 00 point brush (THE ABSOLUTE FINEST brush u can find at a hobby shop…it MUST be from a hobby or art shop coz any other brushes are too thick)* {small trick can be found at the end of this article to bypass this necessity}
? super glue
? sticky tape(3M)
? Scapel

things u ought to get as well would be a multimeter as it saves u a lot of trouble testing ur “supposedly” unlocked AthlonXP.

For Palomino cored AXPs
Step 1
Using the tape, put the tape horizontally across the five L1 contacts which look like wats shown below:


When putting the tap across make sure u ONLY COVER the contacts and NOT the small gap in between contacts…then also tape up the two ends so u have a small rectangular window.

Step 2
Using the superglue, apply a small dose of it to the small window and ONLY that small window…make sure the glue seeps into the small holes in between the contacts…leave it to dry for abt 10mins…come back and peel off the tape. U will have a small rectangular strip down in between the contacts…however this strip will be rough, so I suggest either using the edge of a SMALL screwdriver, go across and slowly wittle down the roughness till it is the same height as the contacts…so tat its a smooth FLAT surface from one contact to the next

Step 3
Now comes the unlocking part. Take ur silver lacquer and small 00point paint brush…the tip will be ultra thin….shake the lacquer up if its really liquid(tip if there is more lacquer than silver sediment, pour out the lacquer till the mixture is 50/50 and everything will be sweet). Dip the brush into the silver lacquer. Now the tip is covered in lacquer right ? Ok, a steady hand is required…slowly draw in the lines between 1 top contact to a bottom one…either that or just lay the brush flat down across the contacts….MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT TOUCH THE L3 CONTACTS or the TRIANGLE next to the contacts…thats a sure way to F**K ur chip. Do this for all the L1 contacts so that u get the following

::::: becomes |||||

(Tip: to not touch the other contacts its wise to reapply to tape arnd the contacts this time NOT covering them so again u have a rectangular window)

Step 4
Testing…using the multimeter, test each contact and make sure that the contacts do not touch one another either…they should all read 0…if they dun, re-connect them….trust me having a multimeter ready is a huge time saver to find which one is the one which isnt correctly connected !

There you go….you’ve unlocked you’re first AthlonXP

For Thoroughbred cored AXPs
Basically its the same as the above, except that this time you have to close the LAST bridge on the L3 contacts. So that means from this
or whatever combination it is, u’ll have to close it to resemble this
This is for all tbred cores, both A & B. B cores are higher mult unlocked but to access the lower multipliers, u still are required to close the last L3 bridge.

BTW: There are other methods out there, use of Crayons, Window Demister kits..Aluminum Foil(DUN TRY THIS) and many others that I’ve heard, but the most standard and tried one is the one using silver lacquer and tape windows. The Window demister kit is the next most commonly used one. Anyhow PLEASE add your comments and experiences to this thread on ur own unlocking achievements. DO correct me as well if u feel I am wrong any where or ask me any questions to clarify any doubts.

Tip: For the brush, instead of forking out $20 for a 00point brush, get a normal thin brush used for model painting, packs of 3 from testor cost like $5. Get the thinnest and of medium length and seperate about 3 strands from the rest. After which tape the rest up together and then tape it down to the side of the brush. Voila, a simple 00point brush, but make sure the 3 strands dont seperate from one another, keep them close together.

Contributed by Sin22
15 August 2003


Articles – Sin22 – Unlocking the AXP Tbred


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