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Unlocking the AMD AthlonXP Thoroughbred

I have written a few guides for unlocking of AMD CPUs, from the venerable Thunderbirds, to the recent AthlonXP, both Palomino and Thoroughbred cores. I have also been providing this unlocking service to forum members as well. However none of my guides had a pictorial element to them so here is one finally.

Recently in the computer world, news broke out of a special cored AthlonXP which was capable of reaching 2.4Ghz, read that carefully, 2.4Ghz, not 2400+ with ease. These CPUs were of the core batch, JIUHB. Reading through the guides I?ve put up on interpreting AMD batch codes, we can see that the core voltage is 1.6V, was manufactured in 2003 and in the 2nd week, has a core max temp of 90oC and most importantly, has an L2 cache of 256Kb and runs at a FSB of 266mhz.

Whats so unique about this core is that it?s a Thoroughbred ?B? core. These are manufactured on a 0.13nm manufacturing process and have a myriad of other benefits which I shall not go into here.

On to the unlocking. As with all AMD CPUs, we have the ability to change the multipliers at will, to be able to do this though, we require the need to close certain bridges on the CPU itself. For the Thoroughbred (Tbred) cores, this bridge is the last bridge of the L3 contacts as shown below.

As u can see, the laser cut pits arnt apparent here. They used to feature very prominently on the Palomino cores and still can be found on other bridges of this CPU. All that is required is

1.Conductive Silver Lacquer/Windows Defroster repair kit

2. A thin brush/equally sharp instrument

Tip: For the brush, I generally tape down as shown above, a large section of the hairs and only leave a small sliver protruding, 4~5 ?hairs? is more than sufficient.

With that done, all you have to do is draw a small ?mirrored? C on the last contact of the L3 bridge.

I?m sorry for the shoddiness but it took me all of 2mins to do. Seriously, that?s all. No filling of pits, no steady hand so as to not touch other contacts, no masking of any pits. Just a simple drawing.

And there you have it, and unlocked Tbred ?B? cored AMD AthlonXP.

Note: This unlock is most beneficial to people owning Tbred ?A? cores which are still floating around. All Tbred ?B? cores are unlocked by default and do not require this mod.

Unlocking higher clocked Tbred “B” (2600+) cores just frees up ur lower mults which is good for those looking to run higher FSBs with a lower multiplier on certain motherboards.

Contributed by Sin22
15 August 2003


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