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Every now and then the debate as old as the personal computer itself sprouts from somewhere, words of mouth amongst colleagues, friends and even family members; Should I get a PC or a Mac, should I get a Laptop (that run Windows Operating System) or an iBook, and there’s more, there’s the “but the iBook and iMac looks better than the boring PC’s look!” Boring PC look? We’ll see about that…read on…The Personal Computer

If you’re a normal user who most often does the following:

1. Word Processing using Microsoft Word
2. Spreadsheet – Using Microsoft Excel
3. Presentation – Using Microsoft PowerPoint
4. Uses the Internet for e-mail, web browsing using Internet Explorer
5. Don’t know what is Mac OS X
6. Love the Mac just because of it’s exterior looks
7. Others

My best bet is, get a Personal Computer that runs a Windows operating system. if you use Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc, you’ll find it hard to switch (but it’s possible, heck everything’s possible!) to other Office suite. Windows is also the more popular choice for beginners and chances are, if you ever use a PC before, you’ve used a version of Windows.

Now back to your “But PCs have boring looks”.

Ok, pictures speaks louder than words, the following PCs runs a “flavor” of Windows but most are running Windows XP.


See more

Or here for more too.

Too hardcore case moddings? Here’s some available commercially (but may not be available in Singapore):

Ultra Cool Blue PC from Alienware.

Another cool colored PC from Alienware.

Cool and sleek black from Dell

Casing by Chieftec

And compare all that with a Macintosh, you’ll see that you’re just spoilt for choices.

The Macintosh

The Macintosh does have it’s advantages over the Personal Computer like built in software that comes bundled with the Mac for sound and video editing. It processes sound and video faster as compared to a PC and is great with graphics editing too! And I mean intensive sound, video and graphics editing. Professional video editing and graphic editing people does uses Mac in their offices.


The Mac has really change over the years and do offer better features on e-mailing, Internet surfing, network compatibilities and capabilities (not forgetting wirelessly!), digital entertainment and more but just why does STILL more people are on the Windows platform?1. A Mac cost more! A iMac can easily cost 00 Singapore dollars compared to a low end PC which can be pieced together (Do It Yourself style) for around 00.
2. There’re more games for the PC platform than on Mac.
3. Imagine most of your friends are on the PC Windows platform, you need to send them some things that are in soft copy, you find yourself thinking, will they be able to open it on their Mac platform, will they receive it at all?! And imagine you work in a normal office and you know they uses a Windows Platform and you a Mac at home, would there be problems in terms of submission of your reports and other files? You Bet! But there are solutions of course…but that’ll be a step more to complete your work…

So Why spent so much when all you ever do on a PC (or Mac for that matter) is e-mailing, Internet surfing and word processing using Microsoft Office, Macintosh edition?! Yep, you’re somewhat of a Microsoft hater and switch to the Mac but still have to use Microsoft Office! I know just someone like that!

So is the Mac worth it, it does have a high drool factor but the cost of it…Well, more advantages on the Mac and “Why Switch” dilemma can be cured @

Mac OS X?

No, this is no jargon, Mac OS X simply stands for Macintosh Operating System 10th Edition. More info can be found @

So can I have both?

Well, it is possible to run a Windows Platform within the Mac Operating System and a Mac Operating System on a Windows Platform with emulators. Emulators are software that lets you run another OS within an OS. As Windows and Mac hardware architectures are very different, it is not guaranteed it will not crashed. Softwares that enable you to do just that can be found @ or

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Final Words:

This articles’ aim is to let the normal users know advantages of PC and the Mac. It may be biased in some way towards each category but if you ain’t a Mac user yet, you won’t be reading this in the first place. The Mac and PC war is as old as the PC itself as written before and both has their advantages over the other and it’s up to the user(s) to choose one that suits your needs, your lifestyle and whatever.

And if I do get mails from people who have read this articles about me being biased and there’s things that needs to be change, at least I know someone reads what I and the other have spent time and effort to write, we’ll be glad to change it if it is justifiable.

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What’s Case Modding?

Modding or Mod is simply “Modification”. So case modding? Modification of a Computer casing. People cut, drills add fans, insert lights, and do whatever you can or cannot think of to their PC’s hardware! They are hardcore but you just have to love some of their (crazy) works.


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