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How to use Winzip.


Winzip is a compression tool that can compress or what is commonly known as zip files on your computer running Windows. The latest version is 8.0 and it’s makers are well, Winzip Computing Inc who are in the USA.

1. During installation choose to use Winzip in its cl*censored*ic interface.

2. Try opening a slide from the download page, here we are using the example slide of Network Essential Lesson slide no. 2 The minute you open the file you have downloaded you’ll see the following.

3. Double click on L2.ppt which is the file that is compressed here and it’ll automatically unzip the file into C:\Windows\Temp AND then open the file in Microsoft Powerpoint (if you have Powerpoint installed that is).

4. If you want to save the Powerpoint presentation as a file by itself now, just use the save as command within Powerpoint or go back to the Winzip window and choose Extract. You’ll see the following screen pop up.

5. Just choose the destination folder you want the file to be and choose Extract. That’s it!

– Contributed by etegration
May 2001


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