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Mini Article on Crimping

This is a mini article using some photos taken “on the way” to making my home network. I’ll show you how to make your own CAT 5 straight cables. Making crossover CAT5 cables are exactly the same except for the layout of the cables before they are crimped.

1. Strip the CAT 5 cable using a cable stripper as shown below. Slot the CAT5 cable into one of the stripper’s slot, turn the stripper around clockwise then anti-clockwise a few times and pull it off.

2. You will then see all the 8 smaller cables that are color coded (see photo below)

3. Follow the diagram below and lay the cable according to the colors needed to make a straight cables.

4. Insert them into a RJ45 head so they will layout evenly. Then remove them and cut the end of this 8 mini cables to have them form up straight and evenly using the crimping tool.

5. Then re-insert them fully into the RJ45 heads.

6. Turn the RJ45 as shown below, facing you, you should be able to see the end of all 8 cables touching the end of the RJ45’s inside wall.

7. Push them till they touch the wall of the RJ45 heads and you can see the copper of the mini cables. You should also double check the color coding in the RJ45 heads and adjust if necessary. Remember, RJ45 heads are not reusable, once you crimp, you cannot use them again. With each costing around SGD$0.50, it’s quite costly to make too much mistakes…

8. See the crimping tool below, there are 2 heads for use, we’ll be using the RJ45 one. The other one is for telephone heads which is a little smaller.

9. Insert the head into the crimper, and press down. Hold it for a while, release and press again if you’re like me, the “kiasu” type. Just to be sure.

10. There you have it, you own home made RJ45 CAT5 cable. Remember to follow the color coding and crimp the other end to complete your CAT5 cable. Label it (as seen in the following diagram) to connect it correctly it later.

– Contributed by etegration
Christmas Eve 2002


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