Waiting to exchange their vows

JX and Serene waiting to exchange their vows. A wonderful weekend with the couple.

5770 Flex

Quieter and got my 6 screens back.


Had fun with the guys from office here.

Windows 7 Adventure

Installing it has been a somewhat adventure.

Problem 1, SCSI Harddisk not detected on Adaptec 29160 or 19160. Vista can see the disks, Windows XP can see the disk but no, not Windows 7. The latest operating system from Microsoft. Officially, Adaptec replied they will not be supporting it. Just google about this, tons of threads in various forums.

Should I give up on my SCSI or use the work around described? Hell NO!

Install Vista 64 bit then upgrade to Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate? Doesn’t work for me either.

The files do not work for me either. There’s no way to upgrade.

There’s some way of working around but well, I gave that up too.

Problem 2, Use an IDE harddisk, thinking of installing Win7 on it first then clone it over using Acronis. Error, unable to create a new system partition, oh well, this was easy. Make that harddisk a primary disk, not a logical one. You can do this with a Vista installation disc or a XP installation disk.

After successfully installing Win7 on the IDE harddisk, install the files found here in this thread. It worked for my 19160 too. Direct download link is here. Once you have those drivers forced into Win7’s throat, Acronis it over and you’ll be booting Windows 7 happily.



Got the drivers for my S510 here.

Checkpoint Secure Remote

No client for 64 bit OS anywhere! Use XP Mode in Windows 7 won’t work either. I rebuilt from all the scraps from my torn apart rack to build on more system just for work.


Expect downtime today from Singapore Time 2300hrs to 0000hrs.

Kranji War Memorial

Visited again. Album here. Adding new panos to this later.

in the company of women?!!!

wahahaha check this out. I have itcow.com since 26 Jan 2003.


In the course of work and not In the company of women!

Traffic being drawn to itcow.com is getting meaningless and tons of spam in comments caught.

Add Media in WordPress goes missing

What has been causing the missing “Add Media” buttons to disappear in WordPress, from 2.6x onwards has always baffled me. i foundout today that it is Customize1.0.1 Allows easy customization of templates. By Julien De Luca from http://www.jide.fr/francais/

Disable that if you are not using it and the Add media buttons will appear once again. Updated all my sites to 2.6.3 after that. I had all along thought it was WP’s problem haha, so now, where’s the mutiple add images function in WP? Guess needs more waiting…or 3rd party plugins…

Dumb ass

Here’s a lot of dumb people who do not know what is Vista and have Microsoft trying out with them on Mojave Experiment, simply, they have not used or seen Vista in the first place and they get to see and use it and they like himbo and bimbo goes, wow, that’s vista?


If you have not seen or use Vista, trust me, you do not need it!

Google Calendar Syn for Outlook

This totally rocks. Having headache which to sync your Windows Mobile device? I always had, sync with office laptop then home work PC does not reflect the calendar changes i have made…

Get Google Calendar Sync.

Sync 2 way for my office laptop to my windows mobile device, I am using the Samsung i600, my 4th Windows Mobile phone… O2 Mini > Dopod 838 to O2 Zinc and now the i600.

Then any PC, to since 1 way with Google Calendar to Outlook and viola!

Partition Magic for Mac OS X?

There don’t seem to be such an application. I was meddling around my Mac OS X Leopard and created one more partition on top of the 2 I am using for MAC OS X Leopard and Windows (Bootcamp). My company’s VPN do not work well with Parellell-ed Windows booting up from the Bootcamp partition thus at times, I will need to boot into “full” windows mode. One extra partition as I was trying to increase my Bootcamp partition size in the end, messed up more things…

The solution was seems to be the only one as I was in a hurry to restore my Mac back to it’s original condition with a bigger harddisk size. A little help came from here.

Apple should make it easier I hope in future release.

I backed up my WIndows partition using WinClone into OSX’s partition.

I started Bootcamp Assistant, restore the harddisk to it’s original 250Gb ,

WinClone back the backed up partition file. It’s a single file and it’s done. With a newly partition 100Gb for me dedicated for Windows XP.


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