A better Let’s Encrypt with Namecheap Hosting with Cloudflare

Following up to the last post. Networkchuck released a video on load balancing and got me thinking. Hey! That’s not what I need but the parts on Cloudflare is exactly what I needed! A quick check and it allows 2 important criteria. 1. The cert do not expire quickly or at least auto renew. 2.… Continue reading A better Let’s Encrypt with Namecheap Hosting with Cloudflare

Using Let’s Encrypt with Namecheap Hosting

Enable SSH Terminal in Namecheap hosting CPanel Login to CPanel Under to “Exclusive for Namecheap Hosting Customers” > Manage Shell > Enable 2. Install Shell> curl https://get.acme.sh | sh 3. Generate Cert Shell> .acme.sh/acme.sh –issue -d itcow.com -d www.itcow.com -w /home/your-namecheap-hosting-username/itcow.com/ Shell> .acme.sh/acme.sh –deploy –deploy-hook cpanel_uapi –domain itcow.com ?Auto Renew? I hope to be able… Continue reading Using Let’s Encrypt with Namecheap Hosting

Robocyop Error 0x8007003B.

  2020/10/17 12:36:07 ERROR 59 (0x0000003B) Copying File D:\FN_Drobo_Bkup1\Utilities\UNRaid\BKUP\VM\Ubun2\10112020_0405AM_vdisk1.img An unexpected network error occurred.   I gave up. I simply deleted all the files that were giving this error since they were big files and are backup of VMs within unraid. There’s been a longer and longer thread here.

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This solved my problem. https://wordpress.org/support/topic/cannot-create-new-post-or-page/ I noticed the only change I made after migrating the hosting company was PHP 5.6 to 7. The other 8 WordPress sites did not have this problem. For now, reverted and it works. Upgrade soon.

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