Simple Devices – yet most wanted!

Did I mention it looks cool too?!


Stream CD-quality, digital audio wirelessly from your home PC or the Internet
to your existing high fidelity equipment.
With the intuitive SimpleServe? interface on the PC, you can build custom
playlists, drag and drop premium audio content from SimpleDevices’ partner
sites, stream live Internet radio broadcasts, and organize your favorite music
any way you want it. At your stereo, SimpleStereo lets you browse your entire
digital music collection and live Internet streams at the touch of a button.

SimpleStereo leverages the SimpleWare? device-networking platform to move
digital audio content out of the PC and into home stereo equipment for a better
listening experience. And SimpleStereo incorporates TagIt!?, the interactive
feature on all SimpleDevices products. Push the signature orange button to
bookmark the audio content currently playing and learn more about it at the PC,
with opportunities to buy albums, concert tickets and more. SimpleStereo is
simply the most powerful and convenient way to play CD-quality MP3s and Internet
audio, where and when you want it.

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