New Article – Apache on Windows

Another article added, this time o running Apache on Windows. I’ll sho you
how to get Apache to run in Windows and supports PHP and mySQL too. Read it


News Nameservers attained.

All domain hosted @ or registered through will have new nameservers from 30 March 2003 onwards. You don’t have to do anything, we will update everything for you.

All Singapore schools up to JCs to be closed until 6 April: Education Minister

” First created :
26 March 2003 1846 hrs (SST) 1046 hrs (GMT)
Last modified :
26 March 2003 1846 hrs (SST) 1046 hrs (GMT)

All Singapore schools up to JCs to be closed until 6 April: Education Minister

All Singapore schools up to junior colleges will be closed until Sunday, 6
April, announced Education Minister Teo Chee Hean at a news conference on
Wednesday evening.

This is a precaution against the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), which
claimed its first death on Tuesday night.”

Downgrade of plan03

Please note that plan03 (Members US Plan) has been downgraded to 200mb with immediate effect, existing customers plans are downgraded in the process. Price remains the same for Plan03. All other feature remains.

SLK 800 and Fan Controller…

Yes, after 7 long months of the "noisy-pc-syndrome", I finally gave in, I
bought another heat sink fan (HSF) the Thermalright SLK 800 to replace the
Volcano 7 and I just love it! It’s quiet without affecting too much on
performance. The PC is runs hotter but acceptable-ly. See the pics


I have also updated the overall PC’s photo album


Hosting Servers are up.

Servers are up and it’s so much faster! Please allow your new nameservers to
propagate (normally takes 24 – 48hours) so that you can then FTP into your
domain. If you have questions, as usual, hope on to the
forum or refer to the e-mail I have sent

Other News:


Sign up form
has been updated as plans are renamed for users to sign up more
easily. I received feedback that it’s confusing. So now, all plans has different
names and altogether we have 12 plans to choose from!

2. If you log into your plan and you see that you do not have unlimited
bandwidth, hold on while I work this out with the server guys, something is
configured wrongly. Check this space for updates.

The World is a \”right\” place…

This world has tons of things that is not built for left handers like
me. See the
new Gameboard, it’s
purely for right handers, ok, we left handers may be the minority but, is it too
much to ask for one of those be built for left handers? OK, I personally may not
buy one of those but what if you’re a lefty and wanna have one? tough luck.

Check out the nice and cool mouse from

Logitech MX 500
, cool and pretty but just too uncomfortable to hold with my
left hand!

Not to mention, cameras! The "snap" button is always on the right! So is the
zoom, always near right thumbs or the likes…Is this a conspiracy or what? haha!
Taking the MRT too, gate on
right, right hand reach for wallet and your card, tapping on it with your right
hand seems much easier than using your left.

I was doing Mechnical Engineering before I.T. and, yep, they got that covered
too. The Lathe machine
emergency stop button is, you guessed it, on my right (or at least the ones i
was using!)! Milling machine’s on off switch, easier to reach with my right and
drilling machine’s control for lowering down the drill bit, yep! on the right.

Well, if the world cannot adapt to us, we simply just have to adapt to it


For the record, check out this interesting
page on
left handers…Albert Einstein a lefty? oh, and so is Michelangelo ha!

Windows looking Linux!

Cool! Cool! Cool! This has got to be tried out! A windows looking Linux. Yes,
you read that right.

"What is XPde?

It’s a desktop environment(XPde) and a window manager(XPwm) for Linux. It tries
to recreate the Windows XP interface to-the-pixel point. Nothing more, no
clipboard compatibility between Gtk and Qt applications, no emulation of Windows
applications, no unification on the widgets of X applications, just a desktop
environment and a window manager."

See for screenshots
and downloads. The site is kinda slow…

Server downtime expected

The server is taken down as one user was hosting warez on Microsoft product. It will take some time before the server goes back online again as it has really cause overloading on the servers. That account has been suspended. Please refer to our TOS for further details. Such activity will not be tolerated.

Cool Knob!

PowerMate is the coolest volume knob your computer has ever seen ? and so
much more. Use it to edit home movies or scroll through long documents and web
pages. Best of all, PowerMate is an assignable controller. Program it to do

anything you want in any application. Customize it to your own needs and get

Made of high-quality machined aluminum, PowerMate feels like a solid volume
knob pulled right off the front of a world-class stereo. Its heavy weight and
tactile feel are a welcome departure from typical plastic USB peripherals.
PowerMate functions beautifully as a convenient volume knob and mute button for
music listening on your PC or Mac. But that?s just the beginning of PowerMate?s