Aston Shell

This is one great piece of software. Aston is one of the best shell/ theme
change I have tried and is content with in terms of speed and stability as
others are nice and pretty but just crashes or slow down PCs.

" Aston 1.8.2 by Gladiators Software: Aston 1.8.3 is a desktop manager and
shell replacement for Windows. It fully replaces the standard Windows desktop
and delivers a host of unique features including skinnability and various forms
of customization. Aston contains all the main Windows Desktop’s elements, like
Desktop, TaskBar, Tray, Main Menu, DDE (without it, installers may corrupt),
Drag&Drop. Aston is based on fully original code and is not a clone of any other
shell. Program code has been optimized for size and speed."

See Gladiators Software
and then

for themes. You’ll love it, I know I did!

Creative Sale!

Unbeatable Creative Sale!

It’s HUGE! It’s EXCITING! And it will be 4 crazy days of unbeatable savings!
The Creative Warehouse Sale is one mega-event not to be missed. Up to 60% off on
popular digital entertainment solutions such as Sound Blaster sound cards, NOMAD
Digital audio players, Creative Inspire speakers and more, THIS is the warehouse
sale worth waiting for!


Date : 26 – 29 June 2003
Time : 11am – 7pm
Where : Creative Technology
31 International Business Park,
Creative Resource,
Singapore 609921


\”All Wired Up\”



All Wired Up
Making Home Entertainment Networking Easier

By Paul Eng

June 10? It’s a couch potato’s Garden of Eden.

In the smart home of the future, media buffs could download the latest hit movie
off the Internet at the touch of a button. Another tap of the remote control
could send video from their last vacation winging its way to friends and family.
And surfers could easily follow their whims to find the latest hit song or
installment of Survivor.

That’s long been the dream for consumers and high-techies alike. And with an
expected fivefold increase ahead in the number of homes with networked
computers, the prospects for the wired home are more real than ever.

But there’s a snake in this paradise. And it’s not just the yards of wires and
cables that can entangle even the most intrepid weekend warrior.

It’s the baffling barrage of conflicting home entertainment standards that come
with attempts to join TVs, DVDs, VCRs and audio equipment into a complex home
theater system.

Try to add in the home computer, the latest electronic beast with its own
standards and complexities, and total confusion is bound to reign.

Read all @


New Home Office Scheme

At long last, HDB has announed a new Home Office (HO) scheme. See

this press release
for more information. They are too lazy or don’t know
HTML I guess to at least link relevant links together, whatever, take a look…


One article added…

One new article on making glowpads added. Thanks so much for the contribution
iDreamz. Read the article

. I’m having a bad toothache and there may only be simple updates these
few days till I get that tooth extracted this Sat or Sunday, depends when the
dentist let me… 🙁 I wonder why I just plug it out since it’s already hurting
like crazy!

P5 – no, nothing to do with Intel…

This is one cool looking phone! The Haier P5. Slim, beautiful and in sexy colors! I love the red one!

See this article by ZDNet on a Chinese review.

See this article by CNet on an English review. joins is now part of’s Affiliation Network sites. Hope over there and take a look at the phpNuked sites for some cool gadget reviews and writeups.

Make Windows XP looks like Longhorn

See on how to. The problem is you need to register in order to download. I’ll see if I can get hold of the file then all members can download straight from itcow..

New generation GeForce graphics cards shine

New generation GeForce graphics cards shine

Nvidia’s new offering sets a new high for high-end gamers with its speed and
performance. Nebojsa Novakovic takes a look at these.

June 04, 2003

The latest salvo fired in the perennial 3D PC graphics card war is Nvidia’s new
GeForce FX5900 Ultra chip (also known as NV35).

This card was expected to appear for quite a while, especially since the earlier
FX5800 did not perform well enough against its ATI competitor. So it was
important to run some tests to see how the much-awaited GeForceFX5900 Ultra card
fares against the other cards.

Full story >

2 new albums.

2 new photo album added. One on the new

Aero 7+
I gotten myself and another, a

Car Rental
round SG trip with a friend. See them
here. Also, I
have edited the Gallery code to not show the right blocks, this makes reading
the albums descriptions easier and it look better.