Happy Teachers\’ Day

Once again, it is time of the year where students show their appreciation to
the person who has endured, got crazy, scolded, care, love (in a sense), showed
paitence, TEACH them. Happy teachers day and dear students, show your gratitude
every day of the year and not only this day and teachers will have more to
celebrate on this special day. I’ve seen teachers totally stressed out, staying
late every single day and who are truly dedicated to their course of work, I
salute them with all my heart on this noble career they have and on what they do
so well, every single day of their life.

Happy Teachers’ Day to all staff, teaching and non teaching at Riverside
Secondary School.

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Make up your mind!

Make up your mind.

THis is contradicting, first we hear of people telling us not to download or
share music online as it what again, "make singers become a sex symbols", make
some aggresive (so as to stand out?) or whatever. Then I saw this >
That tell users to PLEASE SHARE! Support peer to peer music sharing and

This will be confusing for the general computer user. "Is this legal or not
anyway? I mean I’ve heard of some organisation coming down hard on individuals
in Asia pacific for using peer to peer software to download music (mp3) and
movies (divx). If they’re doing it, or rather, if so many of them are doing it,
one is one more?". I’ve heard that thousands of time in the course of my work,
honestly, I think the music industry is going the wrong way. Telling people that
they’re loosing money due to the fact that what they’re selling is being
"stolen" online and distributed via P2P software or tell users a song cost $1,
times $1 to each song in your hard drive, that’ll go down in your crime report
if online downloading of music was illegal. Please lah! (pardon the singlish)
Honestly, users don’t care! What have music labels, singers done in the past to
prevent this? NOTHING! I remember buying my first compact disc (original mind
you) Egnima for $29.90 Singapore dollars, nothing inside, a lousy designed cover
(which was cool at that time), the plastic cover and then of course the CD.

Now, they market "2 CDs for the price of one" or poster with each purchase
etc. If they had done that before P2P was here, I think fans would have been or
could have stayed loyal more easily. How much is the music industry making all
these years? A singer sings, record it once and it’s sold millions of times,
again and again. Users complain also of buying one whole album for just a single
song they like in that full album. That’s dumb. Why pay when I can get it free

Head in the right direction and wake up Music Industry
singers/producers/whatever. You being a sex symbol is cause you want it to.
You’ve got the voice but your company just wouldn’t sell you, you bare more skin
and you sell. Don’t worry my dear about you sounding like a rooster when the sun
dawn in a farm, so long you look good/ willing to bare skin, money flows into
your label company, you continue singing. You sound good, you make a one hit
wonder then you disappear. FULL STOP.

What has happen to all the REAL music makers? They bare
nothing, their got only their voice but then, they’re gone too. People nowadays
like one hit wonders or some boy (dumb) handsome band who cannot sing but looks
good, you put 4 of them together, make them famous, roll out a few TV serial or
a movie maybe, then trash them. Simple. Another 4 can be easiliy made again.
Then come out with serial shows EVEN before they make it in the first place! YOu
show how they’re dropped out, some reality show, this hate that, that hate this
but wanna really win and sing (please lah! goon!) then the final 4 emerges…as
losers to start with!

ok, back to my point. P2P or not? Yes of course! But when you’re told not to
do it in office please don’t do it, it just make my work harder. Do it at home,
I don’t care. So they scan you then we have no privacy here in SG I guess.

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