New products from Thermaltake we can look out for.

New products from Thermaltake we can look out for.

1.ThermalTake Extreme Spirit North and South Bridge cooler!

A first in Singapore!

This is a must see! First Overclocking competition in Singapore! Go to it @

Check out this heatsink!

oh my oh my! massive than anything we’ve seen around, till now…From Aerocool

New theme again…

A new theme, I’ll be using this for the long term I guess, the old theme makes text too hard to read and especially the articles are so unreadable! dark text on dark background…ok ok, I have change it so stop mailing me already! hee! Thanks for the feedbacks and mails.


Another new motherboard this year…damn, this year is a year I changed to
most boards and spent the most on hardware. So it does pay not knowing
computers! ha! Compared to some others, well, I didn’t change so many boards
after all. Anyway, in Singapore
Chaintech is a less
heard of motherboard brand or at least hard to get. They’ve only started making
motherboards like 2 years ago? I think… anyway, thanks to
Nextbyte‘s Francis, I manage to get my
hands on the Chaintech 7NJS Ultra Zenith. Satisfy your eyes by clicking
here and see what this board
offers, did I mention, it includes almost everything you ever need and more?
More like casing etc will be added tomorrow evening as it has yet to arrive…

Our Gallery also went bonkers a
few days ago, viewing of it was ok but I could not create new Albums etc,
anyway, didn’t have the time to resolve it till yesterday, it’s resolved/
rectified, fixed! Enjoy!

Theme Reverted.

After much complain, I have decided to revert the theme back to XNature once again till I am free enough to sort out the CSS of WinterMute, you can change the theme if you want to yourself after you have login and change it in your Display Preference.

It has been a long week for me, my grandma passed away on Sunday 3 Nov 2003 and boy did I learn that I am kinda of an addictive to computers, no cure for me! I must be able to access my mails, my home PC (via WinVNC) in a few hours interval for my hosting clients and read and response to new sign ups. Many were understanding enough to have me reply them when I can. Thank you!

Life carries on and my family is taking it well. My dad’s great (it’s his mum by the way) and is going back to work real soon. I would also like to thank all who has turn up during the Wake. Thank you.