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Aeonserv is an
authority grade package of the latest in Apache, MySQL, PHP, PERL, AWStats,
phpMyAdmin & Geeklog builds. Designed to easily be customized and deployed
within a matter of minutes it proves to be professional and ahead of its class.

The project site is @


I’ll be on reservist from tomorrow 9 Dec 2003 to 22 Dec 2003…

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Wipe it clean…

Wipe your hdd

The HD-1
Professional Degausser
is designed specifically to erase high-coercivity
media.  High coercivity media includes hard drives and all metal particle tape
formats such as Beta SP, Beta SX, Digital BetaCam, D1-D5, 3490 data cartridges
and more.

Please note:  Degaussing of hard drives
erases all data, formatting and the factory installed magnetic servo tracks
located on the hard disc platters.  Therefore, the hard drive will be unusable
after degaussing.

Intel Case-Mod Competition

Intel Case-Mod Competition

Every few years or so, the computing world takes a drastic change – from
breaking the GigaHertz barrier in 1999 to the introduction of Hyper-Threading
technology into the consumer desktop space. This time around, the radical change
will take place in your backyard. Yes! And this is the time and place where you
can start to put your creativity and thoughts to work and contribute your ideas
to shape the future of PCs.
The Intel Case-Mod Competition is the first ever nationwide contest that seeks
talented Singaporean individuals to showcase their own custom designed PCs.
Contestants will get the chance to show off their PC building skills and at the
same time, be eligible to walk away with an Intel? Pentium? 4 processor Extreme
Edition with HT technology and other prizes worth a total of S$3,000. It doesn’t
matter if you’re a newbie or expert, the contest is opened to individuals with a
creative mind and those that dare to be different.