Bring the PC2-C back alive…

oh, I guess it’s time. It’s been a few months since I with the help of 2 great guys tore my Koolance PC2-C apart, the plan was to try fitting it into one of my Chieftecs but it never was done due to work and games I suppose and more recently, a change of job on my side seems time is never enough. It’s great fun here though, learning as I go along.

Next week will be my reservist week thus there should be time to install the water cooling stuffs from the PC2-C into a Chieftec, thinking of installing it in my most prized Red Chieftec. Found a article with a diagram I need @ as it’s been quite a while since the dismantling of the Koolance casing, that picture’;s gonna be useful. It’s @

Will post more pictures when done.

DIY your 1U too!

Just in! DIY 1U server article is up, read it @
Articles – My
first DIY 1U server
All comments and feedback welcome. Post them in the