Fedora rattles…

Fedora Core 1 Transferred to Fedora Legacy
With the release of Fedora Core 3 Test 2, the Fedora Steering Committee would
like to announce the transfer of Fedora Core 1 to the Fedora Legacy Project.

This represents a one month extension from the original timetable – an extension
we hope will enable the Fedora Legacy Project to receive considerably better
quality access to the codebase.

For more information on the Fedora Legacy Project, or if you wish to join the
team please see http://fedoralegacy.org/


btw, Fedora 3 is out…

Been some time….

Oh my, it’s been ages since any articles, comments, thoughts at ITCOW. It’s
been hectic months now over at the new place of work and boy did I see so much
more on hardware, software, network and whatever I can get my hands on. Been too
busy touching up
at home let alone this site. Only play games when I have the time, just
completed NFS 1 on the Xbox (again!) ha! Building my last rig to complete my
collection. Casing is awaiting collection at
Nextbyte while mobo is
on the way there. Thinking AMD64 or the new LGA775, things have change quite a
bit and it’s time to play some catch up on all these, DDR2, PCI-e maybe raptors
to try out at last since prices have been going south.

New Found Love

No one would have guesss, I just re-learnt Windows! And almost converted a
server to it to try out stuffs but in the end, migrated 2 SCSI hdd to my beloved
red babe, dumped a copy of Windows 2000 into it and is still learning on
anything I can replicate, SIM, SMS, AD. hehe It has been quite an adventure and
it’s always good to learn everything and anything in I.T anyway. Linux still has
it’s interest in me with unlimited things not tried out yet.

Just gotten a few things like a new graphic card silencer, a new notebook,
sold off my old Dell Inspiron 4000, room getting kinda cramp with all the PCs
around not to mention the heat but it’s all worth it when I learn something new
be it networking, software whatever that needs a networked of computers.

That’s all for now, most things happening in my own little world (read: My
Room) can be found in the gallery
and that has got to be the most updated section of this whole site, sad to say.
Articles are still welcome, I’ll review any that comes in as and when it comes
in and try to put them up if they’re good. Seeya in the forums that you know I
linger at…