Buying “orginal” trouble…

What nonsense! Should Clients be penalised for using orginal softwares? I’ve seen, read and experienced orginal software before and am quite impressed by Microsoft (Singapore)’s take on Windows activation. You see, I was doing an office setup for a SME with a setup of 5 PCs. The office has a LAN that is not connected to any ISP thus do not have any Internet connection at all. The LAN was used solely for network printing and network file sharing, the Microsoft Windows activation (via Phone) was easy, with voice activation was, quite some good technology put to good use with smart replies, though irritating at times ("I’ll paused briefly while you point your mouse cursor in the block A box ad get ready"), it’s overall a good experience even with me having to activate 5 copy of Windows XP and 5 copies of Microsoft Office on the same 5 PCs. Then came the hard and nerve wrecking part. Symantec Antivirus!

Sure, I can install up to 3 clients with this version I gotten but the phone option was first, not there, 2nd manual say it is, 3rd, waste my time trying to find out where it is. We’re talking about Symantec Antivirus 2005 by the way, I have to key in (instead of the Microsoft way of just simply, "telling") the string of endless numbers, and then, have the phone give me another long string of numbers without much pauses (Unlike Microsoft’s good design in pausing and allowing you to simply say "Continue" when you’re ready to well, continue). And add that to 5 PCs. I had to bare with it, call 5 times in the end as the phone hung up on me after I key padded in to have it repeat a few times. It simply tried to be smart and said, "It seems you’re experiencing problem, hang up, try again or call our operators", kind of message replied. And I had to give that string of number all over again should I call back or talk to anyone. Isn’t that a waste of time?

So it’s all right for us to use original software and fight down piracy but like an article I’ve read last year, it said "Don’t penalised consumers for using original software!" Please!

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