Everyone needs RAID 1

New article up, it’s once again on RAID and I think everyone needs some form
of RAID 1 to protect their data. This article was conceived and started out as
an Opinion turned
Enjoy! Check it out


Live Photos on the web

This is a very interesting technology and a very good example of thinking
mind at work! Check out
who specialise in taking photos and having them
place on the web in real time. It’s a nice and very fun way to see live photos
but I got too curious and went hunting on how they did it. I cam up with Nikon
using a lot of words in Google and searched further, found that they may be
using the Nikon WT-1. Read up on this cool gadget that will connect to a Nikon
D2H digital SLR camera. Mind you, it ain’t cheap for the camera nor the WT-1.
Online forumers are selling a D2H for at least SGD$2800.00 while a 2nd hand WT-1
starting bid was $780.00

PTP/IP isn’t new just that it wasn’t given enough talk about I guess. Read
about it @


or do a Google search for more.

So I will guess, picture was taken, send to a PC via the WT-1 and uploaded to
a FTP server of your choice?

Questions will be:

1. Could 3G could have been used since the photography is outdoors and
there’s no gurantee of a Internet connection but a cellphone will have a lot of
coverage in Singapore thus bypassing transmissing the pictures to a PC/

2. Auto-naming of the pictures done by the camera/ WT-1 itself and
timestamped named?

I wouldn’t know but it’ll be very interesting to have a chat with them. 🙂

Gallery Migrated

ITCoW’s gallery has been migrated to
while I test out a few other gallery system that may or can be
plugged into Geeklog. Gallery (http://gallery.sf.net)
is really a *censored* to fix when problems occurs, I have too much problem of it
over time when migrating from server to server or updating GL and now, I see
that Coppermine is really easy to migrate if needed but it doesn’t plug into GL

FYI, the new gallery is at

The funny URL as I load the
Gallery from my home PC, Red running Windows 2003 with Apache, mySQl and PHP as
there’s over 2Gb of photos and boy has it grow and is growing as I add more
photos of my photos shoot or hardware that I gotten that’s interesting. The rest
of itcow.com should be access using www.itcow.com
or you may be viewing some old version.

Currently, I’m working on 2 articles and hope to have them up soon while I am
serving my reservist till 14 March 2005 updating
www.delta-pns.org Drop a visit there if
you can.