P2P has advantages too…

P2P, bittorrent, you hear that all the time and eyebrows frown, eyes brighten
and widen when you hear that when anyone hears that. It’s common now to see
people, yes me included to be downloading stuffs, hey who doesn’t. What would
you be doing with that fat pipe you subscribed (of course other than hosting
your own webby shhh…) to anyway?! yeah right, online gaming, faster Internet
access all that but comon’!

There are advantages too as many of us has found out. There’s just too much
great stuffs out there that our local (specifically Singapore!) TV stations
don’t bring in, one of them is what I have gotten addicted to,
G4 TV’s
Attack of the Show
. Other than that, we may get, depending on the time
needed to download, earlier shows of your favourite CSI teams… Las Vegas/
Miami/ NEW YORK!

So go on! Start downloading, oh and relax, no one, at least till anyone gets
prosecuted for downloading TV Shows since anyone in Singapore can do that with a
VCR or those nifty

harddisk based recorders

Check out

and all the TV Shows available for


Slow or no connection?


IF YOU are a StarHub MaxOnline broadband Internet user who has had difficulty
surfing the World Wide Web since Thursday morning, the answer lies deep beneath
the sea.


StarHub’s corporate communications manager Eric Loh said: “Our round-the-clock
Network Management Centre had detected some international network problems that


“Investigations found that a third party submarine cable between Singapore and
the Philippines had been accidentally cut, resulting in some of our MaxOnline —
and other regional operators’ — customers facing slow access to international


However, Internet access to locally-hosted sites have not been affected.

All other StarHub services including mobile, IDD, digital cable and fixed
network services are also functioning normally.


While StarHub was unable to provide a timeframe for the complete restoration of
MaxOnline access, Mr Loh said StarHub engineers are “working round-the-clock to
rectify the matter as soon as possible”.


“It takes time to re-route Internet traffic as it involves multiple parties,” said Mr Loh.


Some of the Internet traffic had already been re-routed to other cables
yesterday, rectifying the slow access to international websites.


StarHub could not ascertain the number of customers affected by the cable cut
but assures customers that this is a “rare occurrence” that they are striving to
resolve. — Tor Ching Li

Entrepreneurship for Singapore

Yes yes, by now, everyone in Singapore would have know with the setup of
http://www.business.gov.sg/ and the
red tape removal for
Home Office
all that, many tried, many gave up after year 1 and in fact, it’s
declining from people I know who used to setup home offices from ridiculous
payments needed. You see, I got it too, I need a make a compulsory payment to
CPF for what they call

Medisave Liabilities
and listen good, it’s for my own good in future. What
good is it when I need it NOW?!

All those I’ve known that’s on the home office scheme holds a full time job
while using their registered business that’s using their home address to service
clients and their full time jobs ranges from being the usual IT guy, Housing
sales, the general salesman, technician to their home registered office of doing
hosting services, website creation, graphics designers, G-string designers (yes
not a typo!), office automation consultants to whatever is allowed and

(scroll all the way down…)

Generally, we don’t make much and am happy to be able to pull in one a good
month, from anything from $300 to $1000 on what was the the so called business
model. We are the (and it depends on what mode of business you’re in) salesman,
technical support, driver, phone answering machine, verbal abuse taker, whatever
and so much less to “the boss”. It’s tough, yes but hey, nobody say it’ll be
easy, not even the Government and yes, business works from hardware, simple as
that but it’s hard when one day, they serve you a good helping hand, allowing
home office to be registered as home office then the next day, they tell you,
you gotta pay for this and that and it’s for your own bloody good. Oh whatever!

I was considering my options and tried logging in to renew my business that’s
expiring in July, about 1.5months time and all I got was error. Yeah, try
calling them and you’ll get the usual civil service’s good old “Press 1 for
this, 2 for that” and tons of the same “Press 1 for this and 2 for that'”s sub
menu! So spare me, we just have to drop by the CPF building some day soon to
have this Medisave Liabilities sorted out…or to just like the many that has
tried, give it up…