Windows Vista

This is a really comprehensive site about Windows, more specifically Windows
Vista, the new Windows that’ll be coming to us soon.

If you just want fast answers to what the hype is about, check out his (Paul
page about Windows Vista. Check out also the screenshots, they’re cool!

Check out @

PPC Bridging

Sorry for not announcing this earlier, it’s been put up for sometime now and
if you have a PPC and a laptop, you can link your PPC to your laptop which acts
as a bridge to the Internet. Read about how to do it
Thanks to the author, mcmxii for contributing this to

Make Linux easier please!

Another reason even me give up on Linux, today, I had to do an installation
for partial leisure and part work on an old Pentium 166 (P166) machine with 64mb
of EDO ram, it’s a old Dell. First thought, run a Linux based firewall on it!
Immediately surfed on to Smoothwall as bookmarked long time ago but just don’t
have the time to try it till now (I’m on leave from work and yes PCs are leisure
and work for me). BUt before that, I was itching to try out the new Fedora Core
4 (FC4) so the plan was to try out FC4 first.

It’s a *censored* number 1 that of course, this old machine cannot boot anything
from CDROM, ok, no problem, grabbed a copy of rawrite, the utility that’ll write
the boot diskette I needed to install *nix. WRONG! Error encountered, boot
failed. Tried the same diskette on my gal’s machine, a KT133 based board, the
MSI K7T Turbo! Yeap, the first red MSI motherboard I’ve kept as a souvenir and
put to use. Same error.

OK, google-ed around more and found this nifty program call
Smart Boot Manager.
Boot up anything, after you figure out how to install it and not break anything.
Not that hard, boot a Win98 boot diskette downloaded from, boot up the
old P166, got my diskette previously prepared with sbminst.exe and cwsdpmi.exe
in it and ran sbminst, hmm…some help words, ok, ran it with the “-d 0” and
yep! Got it. Reboot any machine with this diskette now and you’ll get the Smart
Boot Manager loaded up and ready. The thing is, it did not dectect my CD ROM
drive(s) on 3 machines I tested it on. oh Give up! This is not productive at all
and it’s wasting my leave away! ha

Loaded Windows 2000 in the good old Dell, inserted back the Win98 boot
diskette, went into the i386 folder on the CD ROM and ran winnt.exe, error! Swap
file or something, google-ed again and found this. ok, FDISK and FORMAT and it’s
running the installation with no problems at all now.

See? Linux, the more I try promoting it, the more it fails me. That’s only
the installation, what if the average user encounter problems one day while they
just turn on their PC? It’s gonna be one hell of fixing and searching the web
for answers.

Please please please, make Linux easier if not at least as easy to install as
well, I know I should not but please! As easy as


The popularitcy of has grown over the years but it has also drew in
some unwanted bastards posting porno links at the end of stories like this one
as comments. I’ll be disabling the comments functions for a while and see if
there’s ways to stop this. Registered users can still post comments.


On the recent NKF saga in Singapore,
this pretty much sum it up. Enjoy.