Pain pain one time go lah!

What causes failures?

Software development? Programmers? Server guys? darn it all to hell. Whose
fault is it when the darn software don’t work? Who blame who? Customers blame
software guys who in turn blame the people who provided the server, installed
the OS/ SQL/ SMS/ whatever, use your brain please. Software not working has
nothing to do with why the server didn’t reboot weekly, in the first place if
the coding was done right, there isn’t a need to do reboots goons! or better
yet, the customers blame the server upfront! Don’t you just love it! oh yes,
don’t you just love that fuzzy feeling of "butter on your arse for nothing".


1. Sack someone, who’ll get all the blame for it, who to, leave that to your
2. Scrap the darn thing
3. Improve on what you already have?!

The bad:

1. You lost a lot of money but better now then later where you loose more.
Pain pain once and live longer!
2. You get one guy sacked, but hey, it may be his wake up call anyway, to the
organisation and to that guy!

The good:

1. It bloody obvious, you get a whole industry of happy users, nothing beats
2. You can start wearing that shiny jacket printed with those magical words
3. You can at last start to show off how good the bloody system is.

Dunno what the hell I talking about? Go figure



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Do you have 5k?

What the *censored* is going on in Singapore?

They allow you to carry a M16 when you are 18 but you can only watch R21
movies when you’re like 21. You can pay some money and you don’t even have to do
National Service! You see, this pianists, returns to Singapore, skipped NS when
he’s admitted to some music school, supposedly very famous or that kind of shit.
So big *censored*?! Meaning, I can kill some guy in Singapore, disappear for 23 years
then come back and be spared the gallows? Maybe the magnitude of things is not
the same, ok, so we have Australian passed by Singapore with drugs, we hanging
him soon, heck care what their GOV says, tell them to STFU, we hanging him, we
have pastors keep money for personal enjoyment, we convict him but we have
someone skip NS, hey no problem so long:

1. You studied somewhere famous, London ok, don’t play play
2. Smart enough to wait till Esplande built sui sui liao then turn kinda famous
performing with those names god knows who and just so happen you performing
3. You have 2 old parents who are too old to visit you anymore in Notting Hill
4. Most importantly, have SGD$5000.00 who doesn’t if it was to be used to skip

Go figure.

Yep, long long time no Opion post liao but times have change, a lot of things
in my life going to change, well, for me to know, for anyone to find out.

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