Product Launches please! Singapore!!!

why are we, Singapore only allowed such shows?

Just not too long ago, HardwareMag published, what i personally think, a good article. It brings into perspective what some other journalists are saying about "trade shows" in Singapore pertaining to the computer shows held here annually. There is no such thing as a trade show in Singapore’s computer or IT scene. They are merely a place organisers put together, rent out booths to retailers hoping to make a big big buck out of the 4 days they’re there. It’s very disappointing to see there is no product launches, no big celebrity speaker to talk to the Singapore crowd, no nothing except tons of things for sale at mere discounts.

Product launches is what we want! Exciting new product that no part of the world has seen will be launched right here in Singapore with overseas media covering it like it’s going to be the next big thing. Doesn’t Singapore have the kind of pull factor for such launches? Has our home grown Creative launched anything in Singapore? Maybe but if it had, why nothing of hype?

Is Singapore too small to be a launch pad for cool products we can only see or order from overseas and have it shipped in later paying a premium in shipping costs? Singpost (Singapore Post) knows that, if not, why would they even launch vPost?

Then on the day of show, it turns out that the so called computer show is more of a camera, printer and mp3 player show than anything IT related. Computer comes in the form of HP/ Compaq, Dell and laptops galore. Has the DIY scene died down? Last time i checked, no at all, there’re still tons of people wanting to learn how to build a PC from scratch for whatever reason or wrong reasons or illusions of it’s cheaper/ more control/ whatever.

Hasn’t organisers try helping put together something unique instead of the Singapore Government to help again? Get in some speakers, we do not need to have Bill Gates or Steve Jobs talking at such shows but it’ll be an eye opener to even think they’ll come for anything. Maybe when our IR open and not for product launches or some keynote speeches. Are Singaporean only interested in discounts thus the so call success of such shows? We’re a small country and we have 4 shows spanning the year averaging 3 months once for a show. We have the IT Show in March, PC Show in June, Comex in Sept and Sitex in Dec. Again, big pasar malams only dudes, cheap flash drives, DVD writer, LCD monitors that, after the show, more or less cost the same at Sim Lim Square anyway and other parts of the world may have already used it for a few weeks or months already! Singaporeans are only catching their first glimpse of the product!

So, what have we done right or wrong not to have such things happening here in Singapore? We did host the worlds’ 2 most important game events recently, World Cyber Games and CPL. Although truth is we were just luck a neighbouring country banned a game CPL uses. We’re having our own Air Show in 2008, that’s due to Asian Aerospace moving out of Singapore and into Hong Kong to better position themselves for the China market, we’re even going to host for the 2006 Annual Meetings of the Boards of Governors of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Group! But shows we host for IT products simply is so far off in quality and standards. Oh yes, we have nice figures to show every year about the shows and the number is ever increasing! Last year 75000 visitors to one show, this year expected a million maybe? The next, what? 1.2 million? Whatever! Where are the product launches?!

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