the Macbook is sexy…

ok, i’m kinda late in saying this but the Macbook that is 13.3″ and black is
sexy. This really stirred up interest in me in knowing that this runs Windows
and Mac OS and it had me busy google-ing all morning on windows xp
bootcamp, mac bootcamp, mac
windows xp and all that mixture of words.

I was walking around Sim Lim Square, bought 2 really nice looking 4U casing
when me and a colleague spotted this sexy bundle of technology marvel in the on
of those Apple store. It’s darn sexy and would catch anyone’s attention. Even
the brochure is nice, very Apple looking, to the point stuffs, hardware config,
nothing mention but just google or see it on Apple’s
Singapore site, suprisingly cheaper than
what I had in mind for my next notebook upgrade, i was looking at the VAIO some
13.3″ model, almost 4k. My
, a true work laptop has had it’s time with me and it just itch me to
know there’s faster stuffs, more ram, bluetooth, built in this and that but do i
need it? Heck! who cares right? I just want it! Who truly needs a Intel Dual
Core running at 3.0Ghz and overclocked to 4.1Ghz with 4Gb (yep, no typo,
of DDR2 667mhz ram, a XFX 7800GT graphic card and it’s just to play games on not
one but

TWO Dell 2405FPWs
?! Well, me for one but the thing is, it’s just sexy, we
know we want it so shut up! haha Then there’s the launch of Vista coming soon,
getting something dual core on a laptop and already comes bundled with Vista
will be a good idea too. oh heck, but the sexiness of the Macbook black baby may
just be too hard to resist!

So, back to the 4U casings, why got 2? Well, it may just be time to migrate
all the Chieftecs soon. It’s just taking up too much space and my room is harder
to clean than I thought and it’s getting harder everytime something new is added
or anything from any one PC is upgraded, it’ll be a darn mess. 10 PCs in one HDB
room is just not possible to be neat anyway. So I’ll have to see how it goes,
conversion of everything to U cases, getting a 42U rack in my room, crazy, many
in office have told me but I’ve heard (and hope seen soon…) it done with 3 x
42U racks, switches, KVM, power all in racks, and it’s a lot darn neater and
cleaning the room is a breeze. Installing my 24 port 3COM switch, 16 port KVM
into the rack would already save a lot of clutter and space! If you’re keen in
taking over all my 10 Chieftecs, do drop me a note
[email protected] remove the
NOSPAM. Or should I keep my first RED one for memories sake…

A good
by someone who actually used the Macbook black with Windows!

Stay tune for my new adventure of conversion Chieftecs to U cases.

“VMWare” for MACOS

Article on it –

Future Proof investing a Macbook? Vista with Mac OS!


I do not know what happen but out of a sudden, my
Coppermine and
Geeklog sites just won’t
load and both seems to be caused by session tables within it’s own mySQL
database. No problem. Support forums to the rescue. I posted and got a

a day later from Dirk from GL and issued the command REPAIR TABLE
gl_session; and it worked like a charm, so i thought check out the coppermine
installation too and indeed, it’s the same. I fired up MySQL administrator >
Server Logs and coppermine shows Can’t Open File cpg132_sessions.MYI (error
145), same error code as the GL and running REPAIR TABLE coppermine132_sessions;
worked too. Thanks Dirk!

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nVidia Chipset history and the new 5xx series.

Just when I think I am needing more space, I read about the new AM2 chipset
by nVidia
from Anandtech
. A very interesting feature, massive RAID 5 and with multiple
RAID! Just great for my 2nd file server! I was intending to have important files
residing on 2 x 250Gb RAID 1 on my MSI Neo4 that comes with 8 x SATA ports then
change 2 x 250Gb to RAID 1 also then purchase 4 x 300Gb to do RAID 5 on that 1st
file server. I found out sometime ago that the PSU does not have enough juice,
it’s a good excuse to build another rig! haha Getting a board with the new AM2
with nVidia’s 5xx chipset will be great with the massive RAID 5 function! Speed
wise is not much of a concern for me, data integrity is and RAIDing 1 now kinda
really waste a lot of space, changing everything to RAID 5 might just be the
answer! hmm..the 750Gb harddisks sure looks nicer and nicer now but 3 x 750Gb
will cost like around 2.4K! but will end me up with over 2 terabyte! woohooo
gotta think now…