“Why the world do not need Superman”

All who has watched Superman Returns will have seen that Lois Lane won the
Pulitzer Prize for her writing "Why the world do not need Superman", fiction but
however the Pulifzer Prize is real. Let’s not forget the great man who
envisioned this. Check out

A good read is also the History @


Fireworks NDP 2006

Fireworks date announced for Singapore National Day 2006!

– Singapore Fireworks Festival
5th, 8th, 11th, 12th August @ Marina Bay. Showtime at 9pm.

Sat, 5 Aug 2006: Team ITALY by Mr Francesco AMBRICO of Magic Events.

Tue, 8 Aug 2006: Team SINGAPORE by Mr Hery NG of Spectaworks Pte Ltd.

Fri, 11 Aug 2006: Team NEW CALEDONIA by Mr Charles GERMAIN of Inter-Dis SARL.

Sat, 12 Aug 2006: A Complimentary Musically Choreographed Fireworks Display by
the French Team of Singapore Fireworks Festival 2004.

Check out this year’s Chinese New Year’s fireshots




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GEMS – service is dead in Singapore

which is Go the Extra Mile for Service is an imitative launched by
WDA here in Singapore. Oh well, service is
pretty much dead here in Singapore, ask any true Singaporean, they’ll say the
same thing. Ask even anyone touring Singapore! 2 days ago, i had my first
meeting with a important friend, went to this noodle place at Far East Square
near Raffles, forgot my orders on "Japanese pregnant fish".  I had to ask
twice for it to be send to my table, in the end, i just wanted to bill but was
informed that it’s added to the bill already. Oh well, was rushing off with
friends to have some great Singapore Teh Tarik from Mr Teh Tarik near by so
forget it, i told them pack it with absolutely no intention to take it with me
at all. Footed the bill, left with the fish on the table only to have this
"hoping to be useful auntie" no in uniform (suppose to be someone more senior I
suppose, eh Sir, your packed fish, LEAVE IT, I told her.

It doesn’t happen only in eating places, today, Sunday, went to
LV, forget about service! They even
see what you wear, hey come on lah, you low wage workers, you are just working
there, you don’t own LV. I am there to determine your pay by purchasing stuff.
Left for GUCCI after that. Oh no, don’t blame the service staff you see physical
store, I had a really better experience online with LV. I was searching for a
lost wallet design and a very kind lady did actually called from LV Paris to
apoligise after some misunderstanding and she’s sorry about not having it
anymore. That was really good service considering I did not buy anything. It was
simply an enquiry. Service MUST not be given only when there is service!

Then, there’s Sushi Tei. Poor poor poor, no such thing as service. Put you in
your seat, forget about you. I ordered raw salmon, come on, you just need to
slice them, deco a bit here and there and send it to me! And the bloody so call
chef is right in front of me. I had to wait like 10 mins! He was slicing all the
time and putting them back to the fridge. What about my order?!

To think that in the ads, we are encourage to have smiles,
that is as IMF and the World Bank is coming, no problem on our part is suppose
but these places doing services, in order to keep cost down, they have foreign
staff, Malaysians mostly which, won’t care about this country’s impression to
the people coming to Singapore! Why should they? Has Singapore entrepreneurs
trying to keep cost down, which is very sound, employed staff from Malaysia and
in the end, Singapore is going to suffer? They don’t speak proper English, has
bad service and attitude and give you a "i ain’t got time" kinda look when you
ask to just see other merchandise.

To think that I was just about giving up on service in Singapore with forumer
writing in to ST to say the same
thing, service is dead in Singapore, I reaffirmed myself, this is absolutely
true, true and true!

So what can we do? NOTHING! Forget it, complain about it online like me and
forget it, you will not get any service unless they know you are coming for the
IMF stuffs and you are escorted, they are pre-brief that you are going here,
there and there, people there prepared, you get good service and IMF people goes
back feeling, hey Singapore is "funnky" and has GREAT SERVICE. Well, we know it
better, don’t we?!