Taxi Drivers Should Talk Less

Just the other day, on my way off from some work and travelling from Changi
Business Park to Tampines, took a cab and this young driver was asking me, "Hey
you know, I was a car mechanic." Ok, I thought, I know a little back in the days
of my ITE studies, so had a little chat which I normally try to avoid by just
dialing some dumb number and pretend to be listening to the phone. Most drivers
get the hint, I don’t wanna talk and is making a call. Repeat this whenever he
open his mouth but that day, no, I was in the mood, so, he continued, "You know
how speed gun works?" I don’t know but I’ve seen it serving my national service
in the Singapore Police Force goondu! Of course I don’t tell him, let him
enlighten me with his vast knowledge. He proudly declared, "It actually listen,
somehow, to the electronics in your speedometer". WOW, interesting look back at
him, he continued, you know why taxi speed won’t get caught? Cos we ain’t got a

Young Cab Driver, wake up lah.  Here’s the facts –

And whenver you talk, you can’t seem to be able to concentrate on driving.
Oh, you forgot why people take a cab rather than walk to the MRT station for a
train? Number 1, I can claim that trip from my office due to work and a big fat
NUMBER TWO, it is because we wanna save time! That’s why we take a cab.
Everytime they open their mouth, they just seem to tell everyone that they’re

Of course, there’re smart ones who were actually lecturers, teachers,
engineers whatever but those are the ones who really know how to keep their
mouth shut and concentrate on driving. They seem to gather, they know better and
why should I tell you so much? That’s the spirit!

When I was holidaying in Taiwan 2 years back, even the tour guide had some
impression of Singapore and my god, through Taxi Uncles?! I corrected the tour
guide so many times, I eventually gave up since he began to believe what the
Singaporean Taxi Uncle who think they know it all say. Politics, more
accurately, Singapore’s politics MUST never be spoken of by a taxi uncle. Any,
and i mean any one of them will have something to say about that. Talk about
food, that’s hard to go wrong. But do not challenge the facts of life such as
computers, I once had someone ask me he know why his PC is so slow, it is
because his casing too big. WTF?! yeah, exactly my thoughts. That precise day I
encountered that, I was wearing my office polo tee with a embossed company logo
that represented this multinational company that I work in. ha!

So with IMF around the corner, I seriously hope Taxi Uncle can just STFU,
concentrate on driving and get the delegates from point A to point B safely.
Don’t act smart, simply smile, don’t forget to smile, and drive.

Wireless anywhere, anytime!

I’ve been meaning to write this for a while since the launch here in Singapore
but due to work commitments and personal commitments it may be a little,
outdated, well, just a little but here goes, I hope you enjoy it as much as I
enjoy writing.

M1’s new service.

Wireless anywhere in Singapore, really! A dream come true, anywhere! Some of
us will remember just not too long ago, they launched their test to enter the
Singapore islandwide wireless tests to provide the service but it pulled out
after a while. The wireless islandwide coverage will be coming, soon many hope
since McDonald’s has stopped offering free wireless service officially but many
branches I went to still offers it which is excellent news and a sure crowd

Covering how this M1 service work is really out of scope for this short
article, you can however, surf on <here>

So what can we do with this? Since it allows sharing of up to 5 users
according to M1’s ads but we all know, it’s basically a router and thus having
more connections from users will of course be absoutely possible. The problem
here is of course the speed that this service is offered at. Upload is at,
"384Kbits/sec download speed – uploads are limited to 64Kbits/sec", and with
that 3G card, you will be "transferred" to GPRS which is at 56Kbits/sec should
3G fails. I would love to test this on the MRT connecting up at Tampines and
taking the train all the way to Boon Lay station and see just how good this M1
service may be!

This M1 service will have a lot of useful applications. We can at last move
all those boring meetings into the open! Management issues aside but there’s the
possibilities, meetings at informal places or even at corporate retreat at
Sentosa, anywhere, on the beaches, at Chalets or huts (not sure if these are
still around). Google does provide charter buses with Internet wirless access
for employees who commute from San Francisco to Googleplex, an hour long trip
making commuters aka employees more productive during their trip instead of
listening to their iPods.

Technology is changing the social behavior in all of us, I missed the recent
National Day rally, no problems,
download it, popped it
into my Dopod 838 and I’m listening to it on my way to office, I’ve always think
that we humans waste a lot of time sleeping and commuting, we can’t go a lot
about sleeping, we need to, we just need to. Commuting, we can make better use
of our time, we need to get from point A to point B every single day, be it to
work or to play and I can’t wait for Star Trek-like "Scotty beam me up"
technologies to be available but I may not be around to actually see it come
true so, it’s wise to do something useful while commuting. Reading is something
but it limits us to what we bring onboard, with Internet access, the sky’s the

Yes, we might be overworking and still working while commuting? People just
need to at times. There’s no choice about it. If it’s not us, it’s someone else,
besides, we can always use it for entertainment. Surfing
Mr Brown while commuting or finishing up
your homework while travelling to school, uploading your latest capture shots on
your camera phone or simply, the things so many do nowadays, they Blog. Internet
access on the MRT is sensible as it’s more stable to hold down say a laptop and
actually be able to work on it steadily instead of like on buses where the
rocking and swerving makes it almost impossible to get work done but for
information gathering, like searching for a map on, a place you
need to get to after alighting. We overworking, I would support Internet access
on MRT and buses more than with Blackberry, that is a more "invasive
technology", it’s good, don’t get me wrong and it works for many busy
executives/ CEO/ CIO/ CFO and even simply just employees but the thought of
having e-mails pushed to me and forcing me to read them just well, I already
hate SMSes and push mails?!

So, what lies ahead here in Singapore? We’ll have super fast and get this,
gigabit (1000mbps) connection to homes, islandwide wireless Internet
connectivities and thus, maybe cheaper Internet access at last for us here in
Singapore? I run two Internet subscriptions at home and it isn’t cheap enough
these days. So here’s the drawback, M1 is charging <PRICE> for this service, an
typical Internet account at home, which you cannot like M1’s service be brought
around with you cost between <PRICE OF OTHER ISP>, I can’t do with both my ISP
at home so terminiating either one at home is out of the question, adding this
to my monthly bills just for Internet access? Will consider if it’s cheap


Get your own Hot-Spot

M1’s 3G Service

Vodafone Mobile
Connect 3G Card

The Linksys router
for M1’s service

Mobilephones etiquette?

Today’s digital life mention about mobile phone ban being lifted on airplanes being lifted by the united states federal communications commission (FCC) and US federal aviation administration then she continues to rattle about the mobile phone etiquette hey, how often does one takes a plane? For the general public, planes rides are during holidays, business trips..

There’s a more common problem at home, right on the singapore MRT. with all the cheap mobile phones offering mp3 functions or built in radio and worse students without etiquette owning them cos they work part time or they have rich mummies or daddies is irrelevant, have they not know most of these phones comes bundled with earphones? Or have they just missed that out when they were opening up their mobile phones fresh from their boxes? what is the need to be blasting their mp3 (that are most prob downloaded illegally) from their phones? i do find listening to mp3 (which i paid and downloaded from in case anyone is wondering) via the bundled earphones on my dopod 838 more enjoyable as compared to blasting it. The youths of today having hearing problems? I don’t think so since they can hear and answer their calls while the mp3 cuts when a phone call comes in. It is really annoying, it’s so annoying, i have approach them, telling them i do not find their music enjoyable so they do not have to share it with me. Most of the time, these students politely apologize and use their earphones which they have with them! Or switch it off. Well, since they apologize, they know well that some people will not like it. It’s normal reaction.

It ain’t the fault of the music or mobile phone industry that such device exists. It is a market that they hope to specifically target for revenue. It is a sound and big market to be going after. It’s how comsumers use their devices that upsets others. Taking a photo with your mobile phone of the recent fireworks will not work wonders, oh yes, you do have a right to but when i have setup my DSLR on a tripodplease don’t try to have my camera capture your hand with your mobile phone. I won’t call it etiquette, it’s bloody common sense!

Photo Week

Tons of photos taken last week, it was a week filled with photo taking and
more photo taking.

Check out the fireworks from

5 Aug

8 Aug
then the

NDP 2006

11Aug fireworks

12 Aug
and lastly my

Jurong Bird Park visit
with the loan 100-400mm lense. It was a great photo

Wireless Nonsense!

What nonsense, this is not considered wireless Creative, wake up.

We want wireless, true wireless, it’s darn stupid to label this as wireless
when you have eh wiress (?) running out of some box/ trnasmitter to the

Reservist Day 2

Day 2, more lessons in the morning and shooting in the afternoon. shoik! Happily went for lunch and went to the new range at Home Team Academy, guess what. I in detail 9! The last freaking detail for the day, waited like siao but was ok actually, new place for air con! Can you imagine it! yes yes, those from the older days in Police Academy all shaking head liao, i know but hey, it’s a good start, you’ll get to enjoy it too when you serve your reservist. hehe

Got my $200 bucks for shooting haha Shooting well, to promote marksmanship more, i still suggest no matter what discussion we had with fellow reservist just now:

1. A customisable head target that you can slot photo of your boss, your ex wife, stupid friend whatever. Make your blood boil and makes you wanna hit the target more.

2. Cash register at shooting range. You marksmen ah? lai lai, "TING" here’s $200 cash, on the spot! THis will super duper encourage people more, cash there and then!

that’s it for day 2…

here it is, day one of my reservist training for singapore IMF. As usual, lots of waiting, waiting for registration, wait to change pass, wait for classrooms, wait for trainers, wait for lunch, wait for fellow pnsmen, wait for more lessons and videos and wait to go home. Being police reservist, it’s not unusual to see us walking around the new home team academy in all sorts of attire. I meañwe’re in uniform one way or another, all sorts of haircut, all sorts of colored hairdo and all colors of tees! Haha as many say, it’s the same be it the police force or the army, it’s all rushing…to wait and wait and wait. Time is what we have the most, in fact, compred to most full time job, how often you get to sit back, enjoy the air con, yes! It’s fully air con now with multimedia projectors and a rack. Yes rack about 20U tall, filled with controls for projector screen, vcd/ dvd player all in an integrated system connected to a unified 15&#8242;’ touch screen lcd. Cool! Back in my training days, we were still using chalk boards, imagine those and most of the guys in the same training, are a lot more senior than me. Most serving their 10th year.

serving reservist, for many including me, is a time we are the most updated on current affairs and all sorts of entertainment and sports news as everyone pass around whatever newspaper they have. My copy of this morning’s straitstimes have been digested by at least 20 pair of eyes. I’have read most thing i may not have time to when travelling, normally from boon lay to raffles but today, end to end including looking at what kind of funny services people are offering in the classified!

That’s it.