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Non smokers, ABD, Dual ISP and Digital Life

Non smokers fines!
As most if not all smokers know, The Ban has kicked in for quite some time now.
Singapore has implemented a ban on smoking at all public eating outlets with
outdoor seating and a free license can be gotten and 20% of outdoor seats can be
allocated for smokers thus dividing smokers away from non smokers. I’ll not kid
you, I am personally a smoker and sort of a heavy one and this ban has been,
since implementation, dumb and silly. Take Raffles Place/ Shenton Way for
example, where I work. A small coffeehouse with little outdoor tables to spare
joins smoking and non smoking tables side by side. What was the objective of
this ban again please? Oh, to let non smokers enjoy the fresh air whilst eating
but a smoker sits just right beside me on a totally by the book, legal smoking
table. Owners of such eating places just can’t jepordise business and will need
to maximise space to stay profitable.

with this ban, there is law saying smokers must not smoke at non smoking outdoor
tables but what about non smokers seating and taking up seats at smoking areas?
It should be a 2 way traffic kind of law and not a one way one. There’s already
a damn shortage of seats and non smokers taking my seat! So can we have
something for non smoker since it’s illegal to smoke in non smoking area,
slapping a fine for doing so, it should also be illegal for non smokers to be
seated at smoking areas! Verification will be easy for our environment or health
officials, any lighters? Any cigarettes? No? Then you must be a non smoker, fine
them on the sot or issue them a summon you would with a smoker that smokes at
non designated places. In fact, it should cover everything! Non smokers should
not be allowed at places where it’s designated to smoke in the first place! Yes
yes, let’s have that, shopping malls entrance with bins for cigarettes butts,
non smokers not allowed to wait there for their dates! Office that has smoking
corners, nope! Non smokers not allowed to be seen there!

Is it this lack of sleep or am i hysterical? I just believe, the law should be 2
way so why is it so special with this eatery outdoor smoking table law.

Published in Today, today, friday 16 sept 2006, a company calls ABD, fax you
some stuffs and owners thought it’s a updating form to update their listing or
addresses in Yellow Pages, fax it back when done only to find out it’s a
contract to get listed in their Singapore Business Pages, that’s really a
unsulprous way of doing business! i can’t believe CASE referred these business
owners elsewhere. i do believe though, that ABD is in CASE’s radar now and more
businesses will be complaining.

Dual ISP
i’m happy to say, i’ve terminated my Maxonline account. Of course they asked me
why, i just replied they won’t want me nagging over the phone so please take it
down as ”no particular reasons”. And that was it, just not too long ago, i was
all praise about my maxonline account. Good speedgreat uptime and heck, i don’t
know how the attitude of their technical support staffs cos’ i’ve never needed
to call them as the service was realiable..till the so call free upgrade to
4Mbps. That turned everything’s speed down for me. I give up and won’t bothering
calling. not much so on free gifts (maxonline is giving away free xbox 360 if i
recontract but since dec 2005 i did not) but i need the basics! Good and
realiable broadband Internet access but now Singnet is giving me better and more
realiable speeds with their, therotically, slower 3.5Mbps package! I’ve bee
running both accounts trunked to a 24 port switch via 2 routers for each ISPs
and it’s easy for me to switch ISP on any PCs (oh, i running 8 pcs, down from 10
after migrating to my home 24U rack) at home, and the effects are immediate and
very clear cut, maxonline is plain slower in surfing, downloading linux iso,
ftping (up and downloading). I’m paying substantial amount of money for 2
internet broadband accounts but the redudancies it can provide for my home web
servers and all but as time goes by, it’s becoming clear, i rather have 2
Singnet accounts and a maxonline backup. Of course with the island wide wireless
coverage later, it’ll not be hard work out other form of network redudancies
later again… If needed. For now, i am enjoying definately faster internet
surfing speed on my Singnet account.

Digital Life new blood
It’s been a rather long time since the editor of the old Computertimes and now
Digital Life, a supplement of StraitsTimes every Tuesday from in the past
Wedsbeen at the helm. I think it’s time to have new blood to inject more life or
otherwise more interesting articles. It does help. It’s been only like 2 years
since i started reading australia based pc authority and they’ve change editors,
twice and you can see changes in the magazine, as a whole. magazines need to
evolve too, to get pumped with new ideas, fresh reviews, creative commentaries.
Ms Grace Chng has been there a too time. The, if any, commentary she has is
becoming irrelevant more often service that will never land in Singapore, who
cares! Product that won’t see the Singapore smile, forget it! On the other hand,
Mr Alfred Siew does have some interesting coverage on the telcos issues, the
high Internet braodband package prices we pay, more the basic or tech guys in
Singapore can relate with. The primary objective of the supplement DigitalLife
seems to have lost it’s way. It should be like more close to th singaporean
heart,. Issues on the overall technology landscape of singapore, regular roundup
of important tech based events (the coverage of the HP Procurve network guy was
ineresting), interview with some it or tech industry bigwig’s good, and please,
more commentory! I love those! Of course, balancing all the above is something
else and maybe someone new can add some fusion or new vibes to the supplement.


Pardon the rushing type of getting this post down. Typed on my Dopod 838.
More info added and edited in the following post later on my lappy.

As the world move from ip version 4 to ip version 6, many ip addresses will be
created for anything that needs them. From smart fridge to the latest phones to
any new high tech or not so high tech gizmos. So why are isp still charging such
high prices for static ip address internet plans? It’s been a long overdue
problems with isp here in Singapore, I was just flipping today’s ST and one of
the more acceptable static ip internet service plans from Qala. Speedplus Static
ip, all are adsl based, 512kbps with 1 static is $249 a month, same plan with 16
static ip will be $299 while with 16 static ip but with a 2Mbps line is $399.
All in SG dollars and all above plans comes with 6 months additional of access.
Meaning 18 months for that price which translate to $166, $199.30 and $266
respectively. cheap for any serious business hoping to have some static ip but
home users would have to think twice in investing in these plans. Well, true
that not many home users may require it but since static ip is going to be so
much more in quantity (last i read 50 octillion, an octillion is 10 with 27
Zeros, meaning it’s 10000000000000000000000000000 for every human being), why
are we still relying on services like

It will also theoretically make administrations easier since an ip or a range
of static is given to specific persons, it might just at last be possible to
trace which asshole sent out those few millions of spam mails or which Nigerian
goon sent that offer to let you make some money. Of course, there’ll be
implications, ip v4 and v6 has it’s own support camps. Some support it some say
we’re good at v4. That’s another discussion/ debate altogether and it’s up to
more complex stuffs and definitely more complex than subnetting to understand
their debates but to me, i just wish static ip addresses to come standard, 16 at
least, affordable to home users.

Running a web server from home isn’t that a difficult task, it’s no rocket
science and with simple implementation of IIS in windows xp or win2k, it’s not
hard to be hosting your sites at home for a change. seriously, hosting companies
may need to look for revenue elsewhere for a change than ripping off too high a
profit at times while providing next to nothing on service. It isn’t that hard
to even start our own hosting business honestly. Just sign up or e-mail any
hosting companies, tell them you wanna do reselling for them, dumping you with a
few Gb of space, bandwidth and you’re ready. Your own web hosting business.
You’re an entrepreneur! Wait till the keeping your customers happy, billing and
tech support entering your life. it may jolly well be not worth it. Yeah, of
course i know, i sold my hosting business not too long ago. and wait for ip v6,
more hosting business may go down if they do not plan now and at last, static ip
becomes easily and can be cheaply gotten for home users.

So, when will we get cheap static IP addressing for home Internet broadband
plans, when will IPv6 be fully implemented, now that actually, it’s in Windows
XP with SP2, when will we get to run our own home web servers properly without
having to rely on dynamic DNS services like dyndns? When will services like
hosting companies offering rocket prices for low space and bandwidth, and of
course, companies that only provide dynamic DNS services go bust?

More Reads:



I am reading
Google Story
and it got me really interested in Google as a company. Hey, we
all use it, heard about it’s successful IPO and I work in a related industry,
check out their current price, my god, $378.60! In the book, it describes how
Google did their own IPO, their leading search business and Yahoo and Microsoft
is getting into the search game and more very interesting stuffs, go get it too!
haha I’m growing to be a "googanatic", a google fanatic!

Also interesting, check out Time’s coverage, "Life
in the Googleplex
". Very interesting photo essay.

I bought

too with The Google Story. good read too.



, it makes me wonder about my own field of work and the actual running
of ITCoW. It’s more of a hobby and interest, somewhere that I post about my course of
work, photos whatever, a place I let off steam sometimes but that article really
got me thinking. What are the effects of giving out information for free? Is it
making people think lesser and the interest to learn lighten? Information at
this age and time is easily gotten, too easily at times that we do not and are
not keen enough to learn more at times.

I have thought that TV was good, I mean it is and that cable TV is a must in
Singapore as there are just times we sit there and just do not know what
information we want to learn today. It’s a barrier to the mind with the effect
of like there is nothing to surf no more. There can never be "nothing" to surf
on the Internet. TV was something like a spark for me, making me think of things
that I never knew I was interested in. How survivors are after Hurricane
Katrina, the Circle Line was actually covered by the Discovery Line, engineering
marvel? I do not know, we’ll have to find out 28 Aug after the screening.

Have people become just plain lazy with online forums springing up every so
often and there’s just information overloading. Are we loading ourselves with
too much information? There’s also the seemingly endless stream of e-mail
messages, I have up to 3 accounts I check actively and another 3 that I check
weekly. I have unknowingly developed my own ways of filtering things I do not
want to read or know as there’s just too much to know about something. There has
got to be a limit, a stoppage, a personal barrier to what extent you want that
information. Photography, I enjoy it but have not intention of doing it full
time, having and knowing what I like to shoot limits my information gathering,
not to mention my spending too.

Back to that

. "Information should be given free as some said and keep saying
since a long time ago thus they hacked and still hack. That site is popular, I
enjoy reading up on the kind of flash effects and techniques that he has
gathered over the years as a professional photographer, should he one day charge
for information, it’ll just be another site springing up later. It’s his bread
and butter. The Internet has breed this kind of behavior, the "why pay when I
can get it somewhere else for free" attitude.

Have we also come to also stop innovating or we’re just doing it not fast
enough anymore? Have we stop upgrading ourselves and have stopped and confine
ourselves to the current technologies. It’s a void that needs to be filled. We
should never stopped learning especially in the field of I.T where we move move
move, fast, fast, fast. I’ve seen too many people stopped learning, they say the
pace is just too fast but no matter what they have pursue after IT, they should
not stop being interested in IT, it’s just how something innovative gets
invented later, In The Course of Work.