Who won’t like these?

Take a look,


“Windows PowerShell is Microsoft’s new command-line shell and scripting
language designed specifically to improve the manageability of Windows and
products running on Windows such as Exchange Server 2007. If you haven’t heard
of Windows PowerShell before, think of it as an integrated version of the
Windows Command Prompt (cmd.exe) and VBScript that is easy to use and will allow
you to automate and control system administration tasks.”


how time flies, it’s been 2 weeks since the imf duties. Wanted to post this up..so here goes…

That’s one great 2 weeks IMF has come and gone.
As we go about our civilian lives once again, shake the hands of our fellow officers, pat the backs of all well deserved, committed collegues and say our last goodbyes to who has become, from collegues to friends, it’s not hard to realised just how this particular team is special and unique. Committed leader who, in his small little way, made our time serving him seems easy and fun.