Symlink in Windows?

From this great article.

So, migration of some of my Windows box running Apache was always a *censored*
unless i keep all my links intact and all respective files’s config for all the
test CMS or other test web app I test for fun intact. With symlink, (why didn’t
I think of that earlier?) I won’t have to, at least in theory. Have yet got the
time to test it but I tried out

and it totally works!

See Vista

See it.

And of course, check our the very comprehensive guide/ review and screenshots
from Paul Thurrott here.


Take a look,


"Windows PowerShell is Microsoft’s new command-line shell and scripting
language designed specifically to improve the manageability of Windows and
products running on Windows such as Exchange Server 2007. If you haven’t heard
of Windows PowerShell before, think of it as an integrated version of the
Windows Command Prompt (cmd.exe) and VBScript that is easy to use and will allow
you to automate and control system administration tasks."