Photo Shoot

A friend and I went photo shooting
again. Tomorrow’s the zoo is everything goes well, weather all that, been
raining a lot these few weeks and I love it actually!

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Sysinternals is part of Microsoft

The 2 geeks (Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell) from sysinternals are now part of the Microsoft family. Hope they
won’t stop writing those great utilities and tools.

Check shutter


Checking your 20D shutter count.

I’m really dying for a 30D….when will the 40D launch anyway!

10 Reasons

10 Reasons to buy a DSLR

and my own reasons how to use treat your DSLR!

1. Do not use a DLSR with just the basics like setting it to auto and
shooting it all the time with that settings, if that’s what you want, get a
point and shoot cam, not a DSLR. You just wasted your money.

2. Learn everything you can with the DSLR you have bought.

3. Do yourselves a favor, get an external flash unit.

4. Kit lenses are great to start with, try loaning some lenses to learn and
you’ll get more creative.

5. Invest in a good bag damn it! You just spend so much on a DSLR, you can’t
afford a bag?

6. Invest in a good tripod. It doesn’t hurt to own a few, just like bags!
Each for it’s own occasion.

7. Get rechargeable batteries for your flash. Good ones only please.

8 Clean your cam and lens often. Cleaning kits are cheap!

9. Remember to bring your CF or other media when going for a shoot. hey hey,
you’ll be suprise!

10. Get a good (and often cheap) UV protector for all your lenses.

more? soon maybe….

Crumpler or Lowepro?

This is actually a post I made at Clubsnap
forum but i guess it’s good info for the few bags i have. Just to share.

i used both lowepro and recently gotten the Curmpler 7 million.

The lowepro (i think it’s the 140AW) was a bit of a tight fit but just nice if
it’s just flash, 350D and EITHER the sigma 10-20mm or sigma 18-200mm. can fit
both but it’s tight and looks damaging to the equipment. Of course, you can add
pouches from lowepro.

the Computertrekker of course for those trips to office before a shoot as i need
my laptop. it can actually fit 2 laptops depends how you pack them. i can fit my
VAIO V505MNP on top the camera in a laptop pouch and a HP NC 6320 in the laptop
compartment. Sometimes, i need both laptop for work/ leisure.

Now with the 7 million home, it’s good to be able to bring everything as you can
see below, the sigmas 18-200, 10-20mm, 50mm f/1.8, 550EX flash, 350D body, CF
cards etc. It’s stylish and won’t scream “i have a DSLR” in my bad when
overseas. Do note also, the 7 million is the only one with the shoulder strap
thing. it makes a lot of diff and it sure if more comfy.

K13 gave me and a friend a good price (>$150) for the 7 million, my friend
gotten the 6 million with a Gitzo monopod. Some argue that Crumpler’s camera
bags are simply over priced, yes it’s expensive but for the colors (unless you
want the more common and boring black from Lowepro), cushioning and looks, it’s
well worth it. Their bag’s system makes a lot of sense, bring your gear in
another bag, fit them into the crumpler and carry it yourself to have a feel if
it’s really needed.