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Just when people say Windows this and that is no good, I see more useless
software for the MacOSX. You don’t need this. You need more computers! Maybe a
poors man solution to have one PC that 2 users can use at the same time. Even
for me running 2 x Dell 2405FPW, I still hope I can go up to Quad screen one
day, yep, 4 x 24 inchers all to myself!

Check out
The poor man’s answer to one PC, 2


Haven’t you heard? Vista is here and it’s the latest version of
Windows…..ok ok you know that crap and nonsense people have posted in forums
all over the Internet and on Microsoft website or MS sponsored sites etc etc.

I’ve been running it since 11 Jan 2007, was great. Note the "was". It has
nothing to do with Vista I was using and not am using it. It’s the softwares
that I need that don’t seem to run or behave like they should in Windows XP. As
you can see from this
post I did in
VRZ, I run dual screen on XP Pro and so naturally on Vista too. Great to look at
even with the "not yet boring" default wallpapers but things like Winamp, I used
it a lot to watch videos etc and at times, I watched halfway, I do bring up
Firefox to look up things, Winamp will start misbehaving, no matter what version
Iof Winamp i used. It’s a small annoyance but it’s a problem. The videos starts
to flickers a lot, turning on or off Aero or the Side Bar doesn’t solve it and
honestly, I have not been searching for an answer on Google much, there’s others
like Activation becomes deactivated when certain software like Daemon Tools or
Alcohol 120% is installed, that is a known problem and Google returns a lot of
answers but which software is really causing it? I ain’t got the time to figure
it out…yet. So good new on the installation on my Asus P5WDG2-WS with a XFX
7800GT with 4Gb of DDR2 667 rams, SCSI harddisks etc was seamless, install and
everything ran, only needed SATA drivers for Vista and the OS was up but the
decision to leave XP and dual booting Vista was a wide one.


This is one beautiful PPC Phone but the price of it, provided the price stays
at $40,000NT, it’s like 1.8kSGD may put a lot of people off but it sure is a
beauty. It’s time for me to change my Dopod 838…http://www.dopodasia.com/Dopod/Taiwan/Products/3Gsubnote/U1000/

Sync Firefoxes

Try this out. Google Broswer Sync. It’s a life and time saver and it actually
merge a few extensions I have been using for Firefox into one single package. I
always needed something that can sync my bookmarks across computers at work, PCs
and laptops at home, open all last open windows in it’s respective tabs as I
left them when I close Firefox thus I use Bookmark Sync (http://cgi29.plala.or.jp/mozzarel
last I visited, was down) and Session Saver (http://adblock.ethereal.net/alchemy.cgi/SessionSaver)
respectively. Syncing and tying it to your own Google account, it saves time
since who doesn’t have a Google account? No? Get one